Guys, it's everyone's favorite 8+ minutes of lunkhead, muscle worship icon, bighotmotherfucker Gauge. I just today found this bootleg scene from Gauge: Before They Were Famous randomly online. I know there are a lot of you who remember this fondly. And I'm super-happy to be able to share it.

I thought I'd also share a bit of the story behind this, seeing as I was there. My videographer had the brilliant idea to create a series of products; we'd shoot all the Bannon Men as though we had found old footage. And the whole damn series would have been a big hit, too. But damn if the only guy on our team who was any good with a video camera didn't decide to leave gay porn behind. So Gauge: Before They Were Famous became the ONLY “Before They Were Famous” DVD. No series to feature Caesar, BigRoger, BigPJ, Mark Dalton

But we didn't know that would be the case when we approached Gauge with the idea. He fucking loved it. Gauge got very personally involved in every aspect of the shoot. He wanted the focus of Gauge: Before They Were Famous to highlight his size and cocky attitude.

A still from the above video.

Gauge asked me to scout guys to be the worshipper. The runt he would fuck, he used to say. For Gauge, the shoot had to show how weaker men treated him like a sex god. Gauge: Before They Were Famous did all of that, and more, wouldn't you agree?

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