Ok, so that title is complete clickbait. But there is some truth to that, specifically the reason why that title came to mind. Among bodybuilders we want to feature, one standout is my buddy Pedromuscle4: a beefy bodybuilder I got to know because of my love of his pecs, chest, and his obsession for gaining muscle mass. He currently has an Instagram devoted to his muscle worshipping fans as well as a Twitter account. His OnlyFans and JustforFans are where members watch him pec-bounce, be muscle worshipped, and fuck men typically smaller in size than him. Fulfilling the ultimate size difference fantasy. Creating this feature of him in our weekly Social Media Spotlight, I realized he had something special to talk about: his own exploration and coming to terms with his sexuality. I was happy to learn more about him in our chat and share his story for everyone to lust after.

I first encountered Pedromuscle4 where many of us find our modern-day bodybuilder obsessions, via social media. Hell, I've even channeled my interest in sexy social media topics into these posts for y'all. I’m thankful to Ace for providing the platform here to connect with bodybuilders, erotic artists, and fans obsessed with muscles and bodybuilders.

I came across Pedromuscle4 back when Tumblr was still around. Nowadays, DMs on Twitter and Instagram make guys like him so accessible. So I reached out to Pedromuscle4 via Twitter. At first, our conversations were one-way. Usually late at night–admittedly while watching porn–I would shoot him a message complimenting his pecs, muscle mass, and his love for showing off those pec bouncing videos. Slowly, Pedromuscle4 began to open up. Soon, he let me know that, while straight, he was open to guys touching his body. I think he realized, like in other areas of sexual exploration and worship… men do it better. 

Pedromuscle4 currently resides in Palm Springs where he is constantly felt up at gay bars. He has even gotten into a pose-off match with a bouncer thanks to his build and size. However, that wasn't always the case. His journey of self discovery, muscle worship, and coming to love the gay side of human sexuality all started with a camera and a Skype account. 

Back in Colorado, where he once resided, Pedromuscle4 began bodybuilding in his late 20s. Lifting was a stress reliever, working with a personal trainer who was young and a bodybuilder himself. After achieving his biggest size yet through training, Pedromuscle4 found himself in between jobs and in a limbo state of life. He was dealing with everyday pressures while dating women who didn't fully understand his passion for working out. So he paused his dating to focus on bodybuilding, his escape. This led Pedromuscle4 to create an account on Instagram. An account he first regarded as a personal journal to record his progress. These images of him circling the internet became the catalyst for both a growth in his fan base and way to explore muscle worship. 

Soon enough, a lucky follower from instagram reached out and asked to set up a muscle worship session via Skype. And while Pedromuscle4 had never flexed for someone else’s pleasure, he appreciated that this type of activity would be essentially harmless. After all, it wouldn't be anything in person and with all the interaction happening on camera, Pedromuscle4 agreed to participate.  

What is the harm in doing anything behind camera? Pedromuscle4 thought at the moment he was straight and loved how he was feeling and looking so why not show it off. 


After an hour session, that was fulfilling for both Pedromuscle4 and his worshiper – Pedromuscle4 learned that the session was truly fun for him. Thankful to his worshiper who opened that box for Pedromuscle4, they soon became friends and maintained an ideal muscle worship mentor and mentee relationship. Shortly after, Pedromuscle4’s mentor suggested he sign up a couple of sites including “Flex for Cash” and it was seeing other bodybuilders Pedromuscle4 admired on “Flex for Cash” that legitimized his own participation.

And while all had been done behind the camera, Pedromuscle4 had yet to experience the intimate moment between worshiper and bodybuilder in person. It took his mentor to fly into Colorado to do what he could do in-person. It was promised that an in-person session wouldn't include anything sexual, besides the worshiper jerking off while Pedromuscle4 flexed, to which he ultimately agreed. That fateful night would end up as a positive experience for both Pedromuscle4 and his worshiper. In working with someone he trusted, Pedromuscle4 felt safe from that experience and from that night, Pedromuscle4 wanted more. 

While planning a weekend trip to Los Angeles, Pedromuscle4 quickly booked 5 in-person muscle worship sessions and that immediately solidified sexy thoughts in him. From his experiences, he knew that he was in good hands (no pun intended) to make a modest financial gain while having fun being worshipped. A couple thousand a weekend will do that to you and I am happy his clients made him feel comfortable to open up and continue to be worshipped. To no surprise, everyone’s request in meeting Pedromuscle4 is to nurse his nipples and his pecs. Opening himself to muscle worship sessions, he discovered the power behind the nipple: a very erotic and stimulating sweet spot that he didn’t know of before being worshipped. 

As Pedromuscle4 grew to become more and more comfortable with men touching him, it was the positive encouragement, reinforcement, and praise and to get bigger and put on muscle that kept his attitude and mind open to show off more and more. It was an awakening for Pedromuscle4 to recognize that the women in his life were always asking why he kept putting it on while the men he came to know always praised him for his build and mass. As many of us can personally attest to: Gay men definetly please men better than women. 

It wasn't an overnight thought but a slow realization of what he enjoyed physically and the positive reinforcement from his audience that gave him the courage to take the step into trying something new with a man: full-on man-on-man passionate sex. And where do you find that? Well….Grindr. Haha After finally taking the plunge and going out with a younger man, who also happened to question his own sexuality, Pedromuscle4 reached a point where he was happy with the journey of sexual self-discovery. Engaging in gay sex, and appreciating the connection he had with his partner, he felt joy in experiencing mutual satisfaction with each other. A long journey from using bodybuilding as a way to relieve stress, to posing for others online as a way to make some cash to fully loving his actions and feeling good about himself in his skin, Pedromuscle4 had come full circle opening up a new chapter in life. 

Not to hate on our female counterparts but he even stated men know how to appreciate muscle more:

“I'm not going to lie. Letting a guy give me a blowjob for the first time in a muscle worship session and it feeling better than it ever had with a woman also added to that realization. Allowing myself to feel that easy made me think well I should experiment.”

Happy for Pedromuscle4, I would love to see him expand his OnlyFans into a successful sexy platform. To date, he has built a friendship with Lucas Leon with whom he hopes to build some content. On his wish list, STEEL and hard-as-rock roided bodybuilder Mattia Vecchi are two men he would love to create content with. 

It is interesting to note, his clientele is younger and we stan the young men taking muscle worship into the next generation! We applaud someone who has opened up and embraced his sexuality and while I know coming out isn't easy for everyone, I am truly happy for Pedromuscle4 for the sexy and unapologetic journey he has found himself on. Glad to call him a buddy and a sexy one at that! 


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