Gay Muscle Worship comes in many forms. Traditionally, we know it to take place behind closed doors, in which typically a submissive male takes his time rubbing his hands over a more dominant muscular male while literally worshiping the muscles of the bodybuilding dominant male. The session could lead to sexual acts. Muscle Worship can also turn into public displays of affection as we have seen in the forever-iconic Bodybuilder Jams produced by Jimmy Z. But could gay muscle worship happen remotely? There are countless videos out there of Skype and cam sessions between men showing dominance and muscle flexing. Could this lead to someone wanting to buy something from the muscular male to have in hand when remote muscle worship needs to take place?

It seems all forms of gay muscle worship have a common theme: showing admiration for the muscles and dominance of one male over the others so can you argue that buying the used clothing of a bodybuilder is showing praise for the dominant male?

I have had countless conversations with many different bodybuilders and muscular males that want to be featured either on Muscle Service, our Twitter feeds, or Instagram posts, and was recently reminded that some of these men like to offer their services in the form of private meetups, cam session or by selling used underwear. I’ve always skimmed over paying attention on the last offer until I was recently reminded of it by a marketing email I received from none other than Cody Deal.

Cody has always been a bit of a controversial subject for me. He’s been accused of queerbaiting and not necessarily respecting his LGBT+ followers and our lifestyles, but still seems to always offer something. Now, he is selling his used underwear.

Limited Edition/Used-Worn Thong:
Cody Deal offers his “sweaty game jersey” (aka, “worn thong”) after an MVP performance!
Given after a “day in the life of Cody,” your thong will be directly mailed to you in a seal-proof bag for your collector's piece.
Disclaimer: This is not a new item, and has been previously used/worn.

Pictured is the exact pair/cut you'll be receiving in the mail. Please allow up to 2 weeks to ship.

limited availability

Now I comically write this up because I think 97 dollars for that is insane, marked down from 149 no less, but is this something you would be into?

I want to know from our readers, have you ever wanted to buy worn clothing, or used underwear? Have you ever? Let us know!