1271966778012 Is there anyone amongst the readers of this site who would not want to spend some one-on-one time with Pedro Andreas? Come on, think about it… Who wouldn't want that? Really.

Well, thanks to the wizards at KristenBjorn.com we have these amazing photos and the way too short casting couch video clip below showing Pedro getting hot and heavy with a younger muscle guy (with plenty of potential of his own, by the way) called Fran.

I'm not sure who Fran is, but Pedro is one of the favorites around the BigBeefXXX office so we wanted to show him off to all of you in this post, including thumbnails that link to the larger versions of the photos and the embedded clip below. 1271966757026

Lucky Fran gets a lot of attention from Pedro in these photos, all of which looks pretty authentic to us. Check out the action Pedro is lavishing on Fran's bubble musclebutt: grabbing, pulling, even biting his ass as he readies it for a good hard ride.

1271966765021 But not before feeding his cock to the younger stud and getting 100% prepared for some serious muscle action.

Want to see even more?

Of course you do….

Check out the clip below then head over to the site HERE!