Clark Kent 94

In a great way to kick off the week, I am happy to share with you one of our new rising stars online. Especially those into muscle worship, flexing and overall muscle dominance! Introducing Clark Kent 94, a 26 year old Italian bodybuilder who embodies the Clark Kent image with those charming glasses and sexy growing tight muscles. I loved finding out that as an alpha master, he doesn't discriminate against gender and loves both men and women to fulfill his needs. He also supports other sexy ass bodybuilders including Vitaly Ugolnikov. Nick Walker, Regan Grimes, Kai Greene and fan favorite Zeb Atlas of course. 

Always happy to find international bodybuilders from around the world, and I am glad I got in touch with the Italian Superman in Training! Enjoy my Q&A!

Eddie V: Off the bat, I have to compliment your physique. You are incredibly sexy which is why we are happy to have you as our social media spotlight this week. How did you get into fitness? What is your workout plan? Schedule? 

Clark Kent 94: I always wanted to be huge and muscled, since I was a kid. I begun training at 15y.o, I train 5-6 days a week, my schedule changes often but usually is: pecs – legs – biceps/triceps – rest – shoulders/back – pecs2 – legs2. Abs & cardio depends about the strength/bulk or cut program.

Eddie V: What would you say is your best feature? Are they your pecs? Arms? Face? 

Clark Kent 94: Pecs & arms

Eddie V: Where did you first get the inspiration to change into the bodybuilder you are today? How have you been able to keep in shape with COVID restrictions? 

Clark Kent 94: Mostly internet pics about bodybuilders and Mr Olympia related stuff. During the lockdowns (9 months here in Italy) I trained at home, I bought some equipment and slowly built a home gym, but of course it's not the same: a real gym is much better and you have way more equipment. 

Eddie V: What led you to start creating xxx content?

Clark Kent 94: To be brutally honest, some extra money and easy one too. Of course I also have a “normal” job at the office, but nowadays money seems to be never enough. Also, consider that they fucked the Italian economy and everything always costs more money day after day, and also bodybuilding is quite expensive if you consider all the food/supplements I need.

Eddie V: How do you define an Alpha Master? 

Clark Kent 94: A man in charge. A dude that loves giving orders and sees his slaves (m/f) happily obey him. Doesn't matter what he is asking. A man like me that loves to make others submit at my will and be worshipped. Gender doesn't matter, I just love submission and worship. 

Eddie V: How quickly did you start to get followers on social media? 

Clark Kent 94: At the beginning quite fast, now it slowed down.

Eddie V: Who are some of your inspirations / favorite bodybuilders, athletes or even pornstars? 

Clark Kent 94: Oh there are so many, the Russians Aleksy Lesukov, Andrey Skoromnyy and recently Vitaly Ugolnikov. Nick Walker, Regan Grimes, Kai Greene (he did porn too). Italians too like Mattia Vecchi, Andrea Presti, Andrea Muzi. And Zeb Atlas as porn actor.

Eddie V: Maybe already answered above, but we are all about supporting each other here in similar interests. Any other young rising bodybuilders you love to follow? 

Clark Kent 94: ABSOLUTELY 100% Vitaly Ugolnikov 

Eddie V: What is something people may not know about you? 

Clark Kent 94: I am really open minded and open to try anything, but when it will be, I think I'll prefer a girl as a partner rather than a guy. Not 100% sure right now, I love both eheh 

Clark Kent 94

Eddie V: What's a pet peeve of yours (something you hate people do)? 

Clark Kent 94: When they are too much insistent. If I say no, it's NO! If you keep tormenting me with pms hoping to turn my NO into a yes, I block you. 

Eddie V: Where can people follow and reach you?

Clark Kent 94: Twitter, OnlyFans, TheBestFlex and Skype: Skype: live:clark-kent94