As a child of the 90s, early 2000s reality TV shaped my teenage years. Reality TV taught the youth of America how to be famous and popular. It turned leaked sex tapes into billion dollar industries. Sure, that was a rare occasion but in today’s world who doesn't have a leaked nude or two? If I ever became famous in front of the camera? I know I would have to release my images and create an OnlyFans account before anyone else had a chance!

Enter Bad Boys: Los Angeles

BBLA is a reality show in response to the Bad GIrls Club. The simple concept is a staple of trash TV. You put a group of self proclaimed “bad girls” in a house and let them go at it. Bad Boys Los Angeles brings the same concept back around. The result: a show featuring a group of men who are mostly part of the LGBT+ community. 

Enter Milan Christopher

Before watching BBLA, I didn't know who Milan Christopher was. Discovering him as one of the men in the house, I was curious. Firstly, the muscular “alpha” male has been around. His acting career is best known for his appearance on VH1's Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. He released an album titled “The Alpha” and worked with Beyonce on a music video. He appeared in other music videos for Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and The Game. As a model, he’s been in commercials and showed his whole body for Paper Magazine.

I respect a hustle, and his other business ventures include teeth-whitening, fashion design, and (taking a page out of Queer as Folk) created the first openly gay, black male superhero comicbook character, “Ragneron”.

Enter The Milan Christopher Dildo

As I mentioned, most of the boys in the Bad Boys LA house identify as Gay or Bi. Consequently, in a recent episode, Milan gifted his fleshjack and dildo to his housemates. I am sure a few castmates wanted to get fucked by Milan. In other words, the second best thing probably wasn’t too bad. It was watching this that made me want to give Muscle Service readers the info. His penis is for sale!

As a result, if you have the hots for Milan, you can get fucked by him in your own home. But he doesn't come cheap.

For the Fleshjack Boys Golden Case, Milan Christopher Signature King Sleeve, Milan Christopher 9″ Dildo and 8oz of Water Lube, the kit currently goes for $137. His Dildo won a 2019 XBIZ Award for Gay Pleasure Product/Line of the Year. Maybe because of Love & Hip Hop?

Finally, I’ve always wondered if creating a mold of your penis adds girth and length. Fleshjack claims on their site he has a 9 inch penis with 6 inches in girth. So people are buying them. 

Have you bought any “celebrity” dildos I should review? For example, have you bought his dildo or Fleshjack?

I mean, can you imagine how hot it would be if there was a whole line of Reality TV dildos? Above all, binging trash TV would change. It would certainly involve more fun than just a glass of wine on the nightstand can.