Jaxton Wheeler deserves a lot more attention here at The Muscle Service Station. Attention like he's getting from (and giving to) Colby Jansen and Zeb Atlas in this scene from Men.com.

Yes, we know this has been around for a while now. But, since it's #MuscleServiceMonday and we're celebrating Jaxton, we thought you wouldn't mind.

Jaxton Wheeler, Zeb Atlas, and Colby Jensen in “Tour of Duty, Part 3” from Men.com

Before we take a look at the clip, let's see what the Press Release Fairies have contributed:

Military themed Men.com Series “Tour of Duty” continues with a beefy threeway. Big and beautiful Zeb Atlas & Colby Jansen take turns slamming their cocks deep inside Jaxton Wheeler s muscle butt. Jaxton is a horny cock whore who takes every thrust into his mouth and ass with abandon.


Horny Cock Whore, Did You Say?

Um, guilty as charged here. As long as that cock is attached to prime beef like Zeb and Colby (and Jaxton!), that is. @MuscleCumLvr and I will line up and take our punishments…

And, speaking of punishment, here's the clip. Punishment? Pleasure? It's your call.


Who is Jaxton Wheeler? And WTF?!?!?!

Jaxton Wheeler is a gay porn star based in Tampa, Florida.

As well as starring in adult films, Wheeler is also employed as a male escort.

In his Twitter bio he describes himself as pansexual.

In the wake of the media storm around August Ames' death both his Twitter and Instagram accounts have been made private.

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