No Guilt in 2022

I hate the term guilty pleasure. Why? Because in 2022 should we really feel guilty about anything? Is porn considered a guilty pleasure? If I don't have any choice but to use the term for today’s article, my guilty pleasure is my love of reality TV.

My So-Called Reality TV Teens

My teenage years were in the early 2000s and reality TV cast members were the original Instagram influencers. I will openly admit I am watching the current season of Celebrity Big Brother on CBS and following it religiously. And it made me wonder…. would I love to have a gay porn star version of Big Brother? Would it be interesting or would it break the fantasy behind a lot of the sexy men I love to watch behind closed doors?

Guilty Pleasure or Not?

I know I’ve covered gay pornstars in reality TV not so long ago but would a full cast of reality pornstars be entertaining? Do we care what their personalities are like or do we just want to see them fuck? I know companies like Broke Straight Boys tried a reality-based docu-series on what it takes to be Gay-for-Pay but I'm not sure it went anywhere…

guilty pleasure

The Early Days

With all the porn sites that have come and gone, I can remember some early gay porn sites trying to have a voyeuristic approach. Those “Big Brother” porn sites all resulted in paying users viewing empty rooms and unedited content.

Gay Porn Big Brother

If I created a (no guilty pleasure) gay reboot, it would be just like the show. With an all-star cast, castmate confessions, sexy competitions, and — of course — the after-dark feeds.

If we are talking Big Brother, my celebrity all star gay cast would include: Armond Rizzo, Diego Sans, Austin Wolf, Cade Maddox, Cutler X, Dante Colle, Johnny Rapid, Rocco Steele, William Seed, Colby Jensen, Max Konnor, Tim Kruger, Steven Daigle (as a Big Brother easter egg), with retired veterans Zeb Atlas, Caesar and Tom Katt coming back into the mix.

Imagine having an on-camera surprise reunion between Caesar and Tom Katt?? A competition would involve finally seeing them fuck on-camera and see how long they could last. Guilty pleasure? Zero percent guilt, 100 percent pleasure!

As you can tell, the cast consists of men of all ages with some total tops, total bottoms, and others being actors, producers and directors of porn. Adding a mix of sexy content with fun silly antics would bring out the personalities of all these men. And hopefully make us even love them more. 

Would a no guilty pleasure reality show full of pornstars be fun to watch? Let us know.