Sadly, Pride month is coming to an end. I mean, honestly, every month is basically Pride if you are living your sexy life right but why not end the month with a bang? A bang and a whole lot of muscles. If you’re in the San Francisco area and hot for muscle daddy worship tonight June 30th, make sure to check out “Flex: Muscle Worship Quarterly” at The PowerHouse! The show, which only happens four times a year at the moment, was created by a friend-to-the site @MusclePupBadge and I cannot thank him enough for creating such an event. 

Muscle Daddy Worship

Bringing the Muscle Daddy Worship

Bringing in a variety of muscular men for each show, @MusclePupBadge is keeping the Jimmy Z dream alive during these desperate times lacking those iconic Bodybuilder Jam shows. This time around, @MusclePupBadge is bringing in one sexy ass muscular daddy from Southern California. And if you aren’t familiar with him yet, I am happy to introduce Chris Lavoie aka @LoveHugeMuscles. Not only is he physically hot, but it's also so much hotter to know that he is a competitive bodybuilder. We need more men like him in this world. A hot Pro Bodybuilder who loves to be muscle-worshiped and admired. 

@LoveHugeMuscles exclusively shared with us:

“Ever since I attended a couple of JimmyZ's Bodybuilders Jams in the 2000's, I'd always dreamed of being one of those guys up on stage big enough to flex for the crowd. Now I'm getting my chance at FLEX! Thanks, Andrew, for asking me! Dream come true!”

He also went on Twitter and expressed his excitement this week:

Make sure to check out Flex: Muscle Worship Quarterly! Take some pictures, video and make sure to feel up a lot of muscle tonight!