For a special Thursday Throwback post, I had to feature one of the biggest independent fetish-centric sites that has existed for quite some time. For some reason, most people forget to name them when they think of porn sites and studios. Because they have featured many famous performers for over 30 years, I am sure we have all seen their videos. I am talking about, of course, BG Enterprises. Their BG Wrestling website alone boasts a whopping 563 videos. And I am sure some are not available on there that could bring the total count to over 600 videos. Some of their titles include Muscle Showcase 1-69, Erotic Combat 1-12, Arena Wrestling 1-25, Battling Briefs 1-8 Body Worship 1-47, Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling & Oil Wrestling, Fantasy Fight 1-22, Jockstrap Wrestling 1-25, Ultimate Body Worship and more. 

The BG Wrestling Story

While the design of the BG Wrestling website is a bit outdated, the FAQ page states that the most recent update was in 2018. So I believe it is still up and running. However, according to Internet Adult Film Database, their latest production was Muscle Magic 2 published in 2007. Categorized as a fetish site, their URL is clear that the original intent was to focus on wrestling. And, although I’m not a huge fan of wrestling itself to get off, their videos always have a sense of muscle worship and XXX action that is fine by me. 

Most of the BG Wrestling movies showcase the same scenario: wrestling of some sort. But for us muscle worshippers, they usually show their stars working out, worshipping each other, posing off, and flexing. And that is what first got my attention focused on the studio. Sure, there are some movies in their catalog that don't feature muscle worship. But seeing how this site is called Muscle Service, you know what we are going for here. 

I personally love when the performers showed significant size differences, bringing to life the true dynamic of muscle worship. While some clips will forever remain an icon to me (Gauge’s!!!) some lacked luster even though they involved major stars. One example is Ultimate Body Worship 3, where Tom Katt unfortunately, seems like he is just going through the motions of body worship before getting to some satisfactory XXX action. Not sure what happened there, but maybe Tom Katt prefers to worship than be worshipped. 

Favorite BG Wrestling Stars

There are so many famous stars that have shot with BG Enterprises and BG Wrestling. Some of the famous names that caught my attention were: Vince Ferelli, Jason Adonis, A.J. Irons, Tom Katt (mentioned), Rob Cryston, Aryx Quinn, Michael Brandon, Eduardo, Mark Wolff, Billy Herrington, Marco Rossi Hans Ebson, Gauge (of course) as well as the controversial straight actor TJ Cummings under the name Nick Steel. He did have 11 movies with the studio so like I’ve said before… everyone has a price. 

I would love to hear from someone if they ever purchased an original BG Enterprises DVD. In addition, we’ve all come across the free clips that have circulated over the internet over the years.