hot gay muscle porn

At Muscle Service, we love to honor the men, bodybuilders, and performers that have made hot gay muscle porn history. But we're also constantly searching for the next big thing. The next bodybuilder and muscular male that will provide our readers with hours of entertainment in front of the camera and beyond. Our doors are always open for men who want to show off their bodies and all the efforts they have put into building their physique, especially when there is a sexual aspect to it.

As I have featured other men like Carlo “The Boss” and the men behind Muscle Mafia, Dante Cole, Aminomedariamiedo, Scott Kinghorn, and David Hunter Keay, I am happy to bring you an exclusive Q&A with TankEngineX who in a short while has reached over 12,000 Twitter followers and promises an exciting hot gay muscle porn career in front of the camera! I didn't get to check out his OF ahead of time, but if you are a subscriber, feel free to let us know what you think of TankEngineX.

Eddie V: Congrats on getting 12k followers in such a short time. How has the reception been since opening your Twitter just this month?

TankEngineX: It has honestly been a great experience having such a large outpouring of support. I was really taken back by how quickly my Twitter and OnlyFans grew in popularity, but thankful nonetheless; it has opened a lot of doors for me and I'm excited to see what happens next.

Eddie V: Why the name TankEngineX?

TankEngineX: It actually stems from my Instagram handle, TankNamedTom. It's a play on words from ‘Thomas the Tank Engine', which I grew up watching on TV and playing with toy trains. It works for me because my name is Thomas and I'm always striving to grow bigger…like a tank.

Eddie V: Was the need to create Twitter to open an Only Fans or did that thought come after opening one? Was there any hesitation in creating it?

TankEngineX: I have actually had a Twitter and an OnlyFans before but decided to close them because I was unhappy at the time, however I decided to come back and do things a little differently this time. At first I was cautious about posting such intimate photos and videos of myself, but then realized that I messaged those types of things to guys anyway so I might as well make money off of it — to be honest.

Eddie V: What kind of content will we be expected to see in your OF?

TankEngineX: Everything you can imagine! Currently trying to orchestrate some plans with others and hopefully some studio work as well. Stay tuned cause it's going to get hot, especially now that the pandemic is coming to a close.

Eddie V: We are all about supporting each other on Muscle Service. Who are some of your favorite performers? Who are some people you would like to collaborate with? 

TankEngineX: Love Derek Bolt, Austin Wolf, Marc Dylan, and Zeb Atlas (you can probably tell there's a theme there). I'd love to work with any of them, as well as many other hot muscle studs.

Eddie V: Have you ever thought about working with a professional studio? If so, which ones are they? Which ones are your favorites?

TankEngineX: I would love to do some studio work. I've always been a fan of, raging stallion, Sean Cody, and many others that are just so hot. Hopefully they can see me and will want to work with me.

Eddie V: Who are some of your favorite hot gay muscle porn stars? Bodybuilders? Men we may lust after?

TankEngineX: Aforementioned pornstars above are some of my favorites. As for bodybuilders and other men, haha I won't say because I used to workout at Gold's Venice and I don't want to blow my chances away — many, many beautiful men there though.

Eddie V: What would you say are your greatest assets?

TankEngineX: Well everyone loves the ass so I gotta acknowledge that. However, I'm always growing, always eating, and always training; everything is going to be growing bigger going forward. 

Eddie V: Have you ever been muscle worshipped? Seems from your content you like to have your pecs and nipples worshipped.

TankEngineX: I have, but definitely need more of it; I love getting massages. And yes, LOVE having my pecs and nipples played with, it makes me go crazy.

Eddie V: What does your workout schedule look like? How have you built that body of yours?

TankEngineX: I focus purely on old school hypertrophy. My split is, legs, shoulders & back, arms, and chest. Heavy weight/slow controlled movements. It's taken years (with major ups and downs) to get to where I am now, but every day I grow bigger and stronger and I love it!

Eddie: Tell us something people may not know about you. 

TankEngineX: I'm currently studying Latin and Italian, hoping to become fluent, and I dream of living in Italy or Greece one day.