As we wrap up the year or kick off the year (not sure when you are reading this) I want to bring it all back to where we all started here at Muscle Service: Muscle Men. Naturally, every time I visit a new site, I immediately run to the bodybuilder / muscular tab and hope to come to new and undiscovered porn and muscular, strong men doing what men do best: fuck each other! I recently came across GayDVDEmpire, a site that has been around for a while but loved spending some time reviewing the large collection of porn history and what can be found under their “Muscled Men” category.

To date, GayDVDEmpire currently has 7,683 matches found under the muscle category but you know there are probably other categories that carry some of our favorite men in porn. We appreciate a site or media group that brings together all kinds of porn and I thank the people gay empire for somehow managing to gather their giant collection for us to view and enjoy.

For those unfamiliar with the site, this is what they have to say about themselves:

“As a 14-time winner of AVN's Best Retail Website and 9 time consecutive winner for the XBIZ Adult VOD Site of The Year Award, we are hands down the site of choice for the most hardcore adult entertainment enthusiasts.

We boast an unmatched selection of content, with a library consisting of over 93,000 DVDs and Blu-ray porn, over 82,000 porn videos on demand available for streaming plus thousands of sex toys for men, women and couples. In addition, our product reviews, free library of movie trailers, scene previews and screenshots provide our customers with a direct taste of the content to allow for informed buying decisions.

After bringing two decades of experience as an industry leader, we launched AE Films, a production label that promises high-end adult entertainment and reflects our passions for the best of the best.”

I’ll let you kick off the 2024 year trying to review those 93,000 videos but for now, here are 10 of the muscle videos and some reasons as to why you should check them out, in no particular order:

Girth by Dragon Media

It’s all in the name. Not only do I personally appreciate a girthy penis but I like the description the site gives us.

“Who doesn't like a juicy fat fucking cock down their throat or up their ass? Dragon Media Raw brings you a thick dick extravaganza. Watch as thirsty bottoms get stretched and pounded by some big fucking man meat. Loads are flying into those newly destroyed fuck holes. Drop your pants and start stroking now.”

Nympho Man: Ultimate 25-Man Gangbang by Treasure Island Media

TIM will always have a special place in my porn-filled heart because they introduced gangbangs to my early porn days so it’s only fitting they are celebrating their 25th anniversary with a movie that features plenty of muscle and “a twenty-five-man twenty-load over-the-top balls-to-the-wall pure Treasure Island gangbang”.

Healing Hand by Disruptive Films

It features Beau Butler & muscle man Michael Roman (featured on the cover). That’s it, that’s why lol

Boys will be Boys by Cocky Boys

This is featured for a number of reasons, but honestly I just simply appreciate the cinematography of Cocky Boys. Yes, even with porn I can appreciate video and camera direction haha

Summer Flings by Falcon Studios

Simple….it’s December and I am missing the summer heat and sweaty muscle.

Cheatin’ Dads by Pantheon Productions

If you know me, you know I love a sexy dad but similar to Healing Hand, I love this pick because of one actor and one actor only: Davin Strong. And that’s it, that’s why lol

Old Reliable 38: Arkansas Luggage by Bijou classics

At first glance, I would have never thought to feature this, but I do appreciate vintage porn and what came before my time. Additionally and as a reminder, since this was on the trending tab, someone is watching it and for that, I am happy to feature it.

Fraternity Fantasies: Not a Word by Next Door Studios

This is being featured because of the old porn cliché: frat brothers getting it on. It was hot before, and it’s hot now. So whip out the lotion, and lube and enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed our picks for now. Some of these are currently on sale on the site so make sure to check them out if you want to start off the new year with some new content. Additionally, GayEmpire also has a GayEmpire feature so make sure to check it out.