What is this giant muscle fucker doing to me?? I'm getting no work done. Spending all my time fantasizing about servicing Liam Knox!

servicing liam knox

TL Dyson is servicing Liam Knox…

TL Dyson is servicing Liam Knox with everything — and every hole — he has in this new scene.

Can we just find a way to get Liam on the Muscle Service Station payroll immediately? Our team would love it if servicing Liam Knox was an employee perk, I'm sure!

Until that happens, let's take a look at the clip provided by TopFanVids.com:


I don't really know how many more of these teasers I can take. But as long as TopFanVids continues to release them, we'll be bringing them to you. Even if the copy from the PR Fairies is woeful:

The sexy and super-hung TL Dyson stopped into SF wanting to service muscle. This is the result as his muscled body takes every inch of pleasure and thrust.

TopFanVids.comRaw Muscle

See what I mean?? They completely missed the essential message of the scene. It's all about SERVICING LIAM KNOX – and what a lucky bastard TL is.

These screen caps do a decent job of capturing the glory of Liam's massive physique. And his mastery as a dominant top. Give me a heavily-muscled top like Liam who loves to kiss and I'm set:


Well, until we manage to add Liam Knox to the crew, I'll be joining many of you watching TopFanVids and wanting more of this mountain of muscle.