Rogan Richards and Paul Wagner

Rogan Richards and Paul Wagner in “Tux Dup”

“Tux Dup”

“Tux Dup”

Nope. Not getting there. I mean, sure, it's “Tuxed-up”, but c'mon.

Lucky for us, theres a new Director's Cut – nope – Editor's Cut and the fine folks at have shared this clip of Rogan Richards and Paul Wagner fucking in the men's room:

Sigh. And this gallery:

“Tux Dup” smh…

MENatPLAY has released over 750 movies/videos in the past 15-Years! And, among our many award-winning Titles, “Tux Dup”, originally released in 2013, ranks among our favorites. Our editor dug up the raw footage and has compiled a new remastered Editor’s Cut as a special bonus to our loyal supporters and tuxedo aficionados!

We follow Paul Wagner as he takes a break from a party and heads to the men's room. He comes across a dark, handsome man standing at the urinal next to him. Paul steals a quick glimpse down at the stranger’s dick as he takes a piss and notices that he’s gently stroking it. While Paul tries hard not to stare, he just can’t help getting completely turned on by the situation and watches Rogan Richards as he proudly strokes his now rock-hard boner. And soon enough, Paul is on his knees sucking his tasty looking dick. Rogan then turns Paul around and like the big, dominant top that he is, starts working on his muscular, hairy ass – enjoying the taste of his sweet hole before giving him a good, hard pounding against the men's room wall. Rogan finishes himself off by pushing Paul to his knees and shooting his hot, sticky cum all over his face and chest, before returning to the party.