“Jim French: The Art of Masculinity” came to my attention recently. I'd love to find a way to stream it.

Billed as “a positive look at the photographic career of Jim French,” Sean Boyle dives deep into his subject:

If any of you have seen it, please let me know your thoughts. And, Sean Boyle, if you're out there and can send me a screener, I'd love to hear from you!

I met Jim once, as he was first attempting to sell COLT. He was a fan of The Muscle Service Station and what I'd accomplished in reaching muscle fans online. These were early days of the Internet, mind you.

I'd love to find out that “Jim French: The Art of Masculinity” does the man justice. His work has been my #1 inspiration.

Jim French: The Art of Masculinity

A positive look at the photographic career of Jim French, the creator and photographer behind Colt Studios. Colt Studios helped define generations of gay men on their own personal roads to ‘creating' the men they became. For decades, people who appreciated masculine male beauty, turned to Colt. And it was Jim French behind all the images and the ‘persona' the company helped create.

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