In my last article, praising the almighty Gauge, I highlighted his “Before they Were Famous” movie as my favorite pick. After learning this was supposed to be a series in a recent post by Ace himself, I started thinking about previous porn series that were fun to watch that I now miss. 

I am happy to kick off this new repeating series by talking about the “Playing with Fire” gay porn videos. Featuring iconic bodybuilders in porn like Ty Fox, Billy Herrington, Matthew Rush, Jake Gianelli, Bruce Patterson, and of course Caesar. I’ve seen the ongoing online discussion of Amateur Porn vs. Studio Porn. And while I am not picking sides just yet, this video series makes me miss the old-fashioned age of studio porn. Their full-on sets, props, costumes, and cheezy scripts are throwbacks we all love and enjoy. 


Released in 1995 (Yeah. I know. 1995!), the first installment in the “Playing with Fire” gay porn series highlighted the type of men from the era I grew up idolizing. The classic bodybuilder. To see blond adonis Ty Fox grace the movie’s poster with Bruce Patterson (aka Chris Thunder) immediately reminded me why I love bodybuilders. I believe this was one of the few times Patterson engaged in any gay activity on camera. But man I am glad it was recorded for us to watch for years. The movie’s final scene is so hot. It features an orgy against a firetruck that would remain as a recurring theme for each installment of the series. 


The second installment in the “Playing with Fire” gay porn series is one that will always remain in my private collection due to the late Billy Herrington. Herrington, who later in life became an international idol, carried this video’s script and storyline. While all of these movies' plots were cheezy, I vaguely remember something about Bo Garett committing arson throughout the movie. Honestly, all I remember was Herrington, his hairy chest and his scene fucking on a rooftop. 


One word…..CAESAR!!!! Ok…I swear making this list wasn’t an excuse to highlight the one and only. Nevertheless, his first scene with twink Lexx Parker is iconic! If you’ve read between the lines in all my posts, you can tell I love differences in size, age, height and dominance. Here, Caesar gives us a hell of a performance. I’m also very happy to see Jake Gianelli stand tall on the cover. Jake is another bodybuilder favorite who was featured in a couple of Blue Blake movies. If I had to give them an order, you already know this is my favorite one in the series. 



Released in 2009, almost a full 15 years after the first release in the “Playing with Fire” gay porn series. They didn't stop highlighting bodybuilders and muscular men on the cover, for which I am grateful. Matthew Rush and Mitchell Rock were lucky to be on the poster this time around. This was before they lost some muscle to their current leaner bods. To come full circle, I love the final scene. An amazing orgy between Matthew Rush, Mitchell Rock, Johnny Hazzard, Drew Cutler and Landon Conrad!


No news on PWF5 but who would I include in the next installment? I can very much see Jack 5 from The Guy Site in costume as the fire chief. He'd “reprimand” trainee Collin Simpson for fooling around. The scenarios are endless, and could even feature Aminomedamiedo in his porn debut! Here’s hoping… haha