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Adam Champ and Carlo Masi
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Massive Adam Champ and Gigantic Carlo Masi in “Naked Muscles”

You’ve seen my posts about Adam Champ and Carlo Masi and their individual work. Now let’s see them together in the same scene. Adam Champ and Carlo Masi SEE THE FULL SCENE HERE From the PR Fairies: Scene 3 features COLT Men Adam Champ and Carlo Masi. The scene begins …

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blueboy bara
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Happy Fucktastic Friday: Erotic Artist BlueBoy Bara Spotlight

Happy Fucktastic Friday! For today’s post, I am more than happy to present to you this year’s first erotic artist featuring BlueBoy Bara. At Muscle Service, we love to celebrate muscle, bodybuilders and all things alpha and I think we have to thank our creative artists who are able to …

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carlo masi
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Massive Carlo Masi: Colt’s Ultimate Versatile Muscleman

We all know and love him – Carlo Masi. He’s husband to Adam Champ, and forever connected. And that connection means everything to so many gay men. In the same way, we celebrate Carlo’s versatility and masculinity. The Colt Years Carlo features in so many great COLT scenes. Let’s dive …

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"Driven""Easy Prey""IOU""Selfie Sex"Ace's LatestAdam ChampAlpha MuscleBig Beef XXXbighotmotherfuckerCarlo MasiDato FolandDenis VegaFlexMarco RubiMenAtPlay.comMuscle DaddymusclefuckMuscleService.comXXX Video

Epic Gay Muscle Daddy Porn: Adam Champ, The MenAtPlay Years (Part 1)

When it comes to satisfying your gay muscle daddy porn needs, our links to Adam Champ’s body of work for MenAtPlay should be your first stop. Hairy Muscle Daddy Fairy Tale Come True We all know the story: 12 years ago, Ruggero Freddi (whose stage name is Carlo Masi) met …

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massive muscle men
Ace's LatestAlpha MuscleBannon MenBannon Men: The Photography of Ace BannonBig Beef XXXbighotmotherfuckerBo DixonBodybuilder SexCaesarCarl HardwickCarlo MasiCOLTColtStudioGroup.comEd DinakosErik RhodesJake GianelliJake TannerLuke GarrettMuscleService.comNate KarltonPete Kuzaktheguysite.comTom KattZak Spears

Gay Muscle Porn & Gay Bodybuilder Porn Obsession – Massive Muscle Men!

When Did You Know? Massive muscle men. And gay bodybuilder porn. Plus gay muscle sex. And, of course, gay bodybuilder sex. Am I forgetting anything? When did you know muscle was the ultimate carnal desire for you? I’m running a little informal focus group on Twitter asking this question. Take …

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Carlo Masi, Luke Garrett and Gage Weston: MAN COUNTRY SCENE 2

In Man Country, Scene 2 Carlo Masi, Luke Garrett and Gage Weston get down on the farm for this hot Colt Studio Group 3-way. COLT again brings the muscle. It’s a tribute to how on track the studio was in the time immediately following John Rutherford’s takeover. What Happened to …

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Carlo Masi and Luke Garrett
Ace's LatestAlpha MuscleBig Beef XXXbighotdumbmuscleheadsbighotmotherfuckerCarlo MasiCOLTColtStudioGroup.comLuke Garrettmusclefuck

Carlo Masi and Luke Garrett: HAWAI’I SCENE 4

Carlo Masi and Luke Garrett heat up the screen in this (semi) classic ColtStudioGroup scene. With plenty of muscle on display, sucking and fucking — what more could you want?! Here’s what the Press Release Fairies have to say: COLT Man Emeritus Carlo Masi meets another legendary COLT Man Luke …

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"Top Shots"Adam ChampBig Beef XXXbighotdumbmuscleheadsbighotmotherfuckerCarlo MasiCOLTColtStudioGroup.comDanny DrakeJim FrenchLuke GarrettMitch BransonmusclefuckNate KarltonXXX Video

50% OFF! & Mobile Video: COLT’s Top Shots, Scene 1

I’m gonna promote the hell out of this limited-time, this weekend only, 50% OFF SALE at some of my favorite sites. This one,, being one of the best there is. Remember, not only do you get the current content, but SCORES of legendary COLT content from the days of …

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