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Flex at Powerhouse
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Muscle Service Live Show FLEX at Powerhouse This Friday!

If there was anything Muscle Service comes down to, is Muscle Worship. Just glance at our site and content, it’s no surprise that Muscle is the preferred genre of gay eroticism. I mean it’s in the name, and since the inception of gay porn, there have been many different forms …

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Muscle Daddy Worship
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Muscle Daddy Worship at Flex SF Tonight with LoveHugeMuscles

Sadly, Pride month is coming to an end. I mean, honestly, every month is basically Pride if you are living your sexy life right but why not end the month with a bang? A bang and a whole lot of muscles. If you’re in the San Francisco area and hot …

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live muscle worship show
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If you happen to find yourself in San Francisco this Friday and need to get out of the upcoming rain, you might as well do some muscle worship to keep you warm and horny! Reintroducing FLEX, a quarterly live muscle worship show being held at Powerhouse on Folsom Street! As …

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live muscle worship
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FLEX: a Live Muscle Worship Celebration of Gigantic Masculinity

There are a few words that come to mind when you think of muscle worship. Bodybuilder, muscle (obviously), hard, men, sex, and of course FLEX. And personally, there is one name that comes to mind when you think of live muscle worship: Jimmy Z. Combine Jimmy Z and FLEX and …

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