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“TitPig” Hurley Awarded His Walk of Fame Star

Back in April, we shared the unfortunate news that legendary leather Steve “TitPig” Hurley had passed away. He left behind a giant collection of porn and became one of the iconic leather Daddies porn had produced. His look as the hairy masculine horny leather daddy of the early 2000s was …

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Steve "TitPig" Hurley
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RIP Steve “TitPig” Hurley Legendary Porn Daddy

If you haven’t heard the news this week or checked it on my Twitter feed, pornstar Steve “TitPig” Hurley has passed away. While at first I couldn’t find much, it was recently confirmed by with comments from people who knew and worked with the porn legend. Reason for his death …

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Powerful Bodybuilder
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Powerful Bodybuilder Becomes Powerless Being Serviced & Edged

Geez I love these videos where a powerful bodybuilder lays back and gets serviced. Then edged until he’s powerless and moaning: His physique is outstanding. The mask just makes everything hotter. The clip of this powerful bodybuilder is from WorldStudZ They have an OnlyFans — any of you have seen …

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