Jake Daniel and Nick Pulos are 2022's Mark Dalton and Zeb Atlas

We all know the saying, “history repeats itself.” Now I find that the same idea can be found in porn.

You know by now I am a fan of classic bodybuilders of the early 2000s. Those big guys made their mark in porn history. Now I'm not just reminiscing about muscular icons Zeb Atlas and Mark Dalton but also profiling the two men who I think are fast becoming their modern-day counterparts.

Just like Zeb and Mark teased us with suggestive sexual activity in “Mark Meets Zeb: The Texas Two Step”, bodybuilders Jake Daniel and Nick Pulos pick up the torch many years later by doing the same. 

Jake Daniel and Nick Pulos

Massive Musclegod Worship

While the content from Jake & Nick is not the full length movie Mark & Zeb provided, the premise and content is the practically same.

Two strongly-built men find themselves in the gym to discover there's sexual tension between them.

Truthfully, the first movie created by Zeb Atlas Productions doesn't give us much in terms of physical content between the two actors. In “Mark Meets Zeb…”, we see a drawn out flirtation between Mark Dalton & Zeb Atlas while working out, only to wind up jacking off separately.

Happily, the modern version between Jake Daniel and Nick Pulos gives us so much more in its 12 minutes.

We see both Jake and Nick on top of each other with raging hard ons. We see the two men in activity that borderlines on hardcore sex.

Do I wish the new scene ended with Jake being plowed by Nick to erupting completion? Absolutely! But even without that their scene gives us plenty of the muscle worship and sexual tension that we all love. 

Is Jake Daniel the New Mark Dalton?

Another blond sexual bodybuilder, could Jake Daniel be today’s Mark Dalton but with more sexual creativity?


Jake has become an iconic player in amateur porn and sex work since Only Fans became our favorite source off entertainment during the Covid-19 pandemic. Over the last year, his sexual content on Twitter has evolved from solo content and the occasional muscle worship video by the average joe to full-on hardocre scenes with full penetration where Jake is the passionate muscular bottom. Eyes rolling into the back of his head and all. 

What I truly appreciate is the plunge Jake Daniels took into hardcore content with excitement and gusto. And, truthfully, and I feel as though it paid off. Jake seems to have a big following and has no trouble getting people to create content with him. Just recently, he has created content with other admirable bodybuilders in porn including Steel aka Protein Master, theicemanjb, Dalton Riley, Davin Stong, John Bronco, Caged Jock and of course Nick Pulos.

Another towering seductive bodybuilder, could Nick Pulos be today’s Zeb Atlas?

While I discovered Nick Pulos way before Jake Daniel, I wish I could talk as much about him as I have about Jake.

I first discovered Nick's Instagram account because of his previous job at Disney World. Nick displayed his massive body and bulging muscles standing tall at 6'5 in the Indiana Jones stunt show. Naturally, many of his followers were curious to find out whether or not he played for the boys team. In the end (pardon the pun) we got our answer.

It has been fun to find photos of him posing with other desirable men including Jake Daniel and Jake Burton amongst others.

Soon, his circle of friends led to everyone rolling around naked in the gym with raging boners and I hope he fulfills that empty space Zeb Atlas has left. 

What are your thoughts on Jake Daniel and Nick Pulos? Let us know!