Franco Corelli

You know how it goes around here. We love nothing more than discovering new muscle monsters. That doesn't mean we don't always find room for amazing classic fan favorites like Franco Corelli.

Here's what the Press Release Fairies at COLT have to say about him:

COLT's minute man Solo Series welcomes you to MAN COUNTRY! Farm-fresh eggs, hand-milked cream, and sweaty hard-working men can only be found in the great outdoors. The iconic studio that continues to set the standard for high-quality male solo movies serves you with sizzling scenes of hot voyeuristic man action. THE FRANCO CORELLI COLLECTION is an up close and personal look at the COLT Legend.  Features the digitally remastered films:


If the look is masculine… the name is COLT! Directed by Rip Colt.

Colt Studio Group

How about a mondo-sized gallery?

Maybe New To You…

Is Franco Corelli a new muscle fetish for you? We have followed him for a very long time. The team posted this back in 2010:

Where Have You Gone, Franco Corelli?

The guys over at The Muscle Service Station have been keeping tabs on a lot of your old favorites, including super-amazing COLT model, Franco Corelli. The stories being bandied about prompted a trip down memory lane and rediscovery of some of his better shots done during the reign of Jim French but now the property of See more free images of Franco HERE!