As I have mentioned in previous articles, was once a site that was a muscle worshipper's dream. It held galleries of some of the most perfect men, showing it all to the cameras. And while there weren't any videos showing actual man on man sex, they provided the next big thing: Men jerking off and pleasing themselves showing their perfectly sculpted bodies.

Now trust me, I could talk about each and every one of the different models all day long, but here are just 4 models I wish stayed in front of the camera longer. Out of the 4, let me know who your favorite is! I'll be holding a poll on my twitter so please share your thoughts!

Ko Ryu

Bodybuilder Cesar Quispe Estela aka Ko Ryu is still competing to the day and while I know professional bodybuilders usually like to hide their previously scandalous activity, I fully support this bodybuilder for his sexy past alone. Competing as recently as 2018 IFBB Tampa Pro, I hope one day this man returns to the XXX action he would thrive in!

We thought Ko was a very shy person until we learned that still waters are very deep. This young bodybuilder shows not only an early muscle development, but also the willingness to show off and tease all the way. Ko is ready for you!

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Johnny Carrera

Johnny Carrera aka John Stoborsky has the look I go crazy for. He hasn't been seen on the professional stage since the 2011 NPC Garden State Bodybuilding competition in the light heavyweight division but I wish he would do so much more. I would be the first in line to take personal private visits for me to admire his body in all his glory.He's graced with a face of an angel. His big, slightly startled eyes are rimmed with thick black lashes. He sports a crown of lustrously healthy, thick black hair.

He's young – oh, he's so young – and tall, long, lean, and tawny. His powerful young muscles pulse with a roadmap of vascularity, his lats flare like the wings of a bird of prey, and his strong young butt is supple, round, and firm. He's hung magnificently. And he's a terrible painter, sloppily daubing touch-ups on our walls of our Bubblegum Princess Pink storeroom. However, we chose this questionable color because, truthfully, the close-to-perfect dark-eyed Johnny Carrera looks fantastic against it.

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Lex Attila

Handsome bodybuilder Lex is no stranger to anyone who has been viewing muscle worship videos throughout the years. But his presence has remained more PC in recent years, providing pec bouncing videos with a few JO videos circulating free porn sites. While those few JO videos remain, his recent muscle daddy looks have always kept me wanting more.

Lex Attila could be on the cover of a romance novel, Love's Tender Fury, or something like that. With long, flowing locks and a stacked body, he's the quintessential hunk. Lex is a little leaner and less thick that many of the muscle men here at Muscle Hunks, but we like that, too. And between his powerful thighs hangs a meaty, uncut cock. You're going to enjoy watching him jerking his bone in the shower.       

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Samuel Vieira

Samuel Vieira has remained under the radar but that has only left me wanting more! I mean distance makes the hard on grow fonder. If anyone knows where I can find more information on this perfectly sculpted man, please send me info! 

If ever there was a reason to drill a peep hole into construction hoarding, it'd be to see this Brazilian god working up a sweat pounding nails. And when Samuel Vieira fishes his plump, uncut cock out of his tight-fitting jean shorts, it's an absolute sight to behold – hard cock pointing towards the sky as if searching for the sun – the view only looks better when Vieira wraps his fist around his fat, Brazilian dick and gives it a tug.

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