Winner Ko Ryu aka Cesar Quispe Estela

In a recent Twitter post, I launched a poll that would influence today’s article for our muscle loving readers out there. The last time I held a poll, was to talk about which era in gay porn had the best content. Today, we get to talk about some former Muscle Hunks models that you, the reader, wanted to see more of. In the poll, which I also covered in a recent article, included models Johnny Carrera, Lex Attila, Samuel Vieira and Ko Ryu aka Cesar Quispe. While I had picked my favorite in mind, I love each model I chose for this poll and was happy when a substantial number of readers chose Ko Ryu aka Cesar Quispe as the winner! He was crowned the winner of my Twitter poll by a mere 2.1% over runner up Samuel Vieira followed by Johnny Carrera leaving Lex Attila in last place. 

You wanted more of the Peruvian bodybuilder Cesar Quispe Estela and you shall have more! He not only embodies the classic physique that made me love and lust over bodybuilders, but even as a bottom, I love how beefy and muscular Cesar’s ass looks like in a jockstrap. 

To my loyal readers, I am happy to provide to you as much as I could find on Muscle Hunk model Ko Ryu aka Bodybuilder Cesar Quispe Estela. Now, from what I can tell he approximately did 6 clips with the studio but what I do love is that he is an actual competing bodybuilder. We all have our fantasies and at Muscle Service, I’d like to say we accept all competing bodybuilders who like to expose their sexual side with open arms and open holes. No judgement and we want more of it! 

On MuscleHunks, he provided some great content, many of which I still revisit to the day. One of my favorites is one he did alongside Bill Baker and Timmy Riordan. Just love those clips of all those bodybuilders jerking off together. You can smell the testosterone in the room! Really hope we could have a modern day Muscle Hunks (**cough cough let’s bring it back**). 

Now I am not going to discuss much of his personal life here and share his personal IG but happy to share some of his competing feats for you to do your own research. From the clips out there to maybe seeing his in person compete, we applaud this bodybuilder and hope we do see more of him in the future. 

Ko Ryu bodybuilder, aka Cesar Quispe Estela


New York Pro Championships – IFBB


Chicago Pro “Wings of Strength” Championships – IFBB, LightWeight

Tampa Pro Championships – IFBB, Bodybuilding


Europa Charlotte Pro – IFBB, LightWeight

Europa Phoenix Pro – IFBB, LightWeight


Tampa Pro Championships – IFBB, LightWeight

Ko Ryu bodybuilder, aka Cesar Quispe Estela


Arnold Amateur Brasil – IFBB

Arnold Amateur Brasil – IFBB, Light-SuperWeight

South American Amateur Championships – IFBB, Light-SuperWeight


Arnold Amateur – IFBB, HeavyWeight

World Amateur Championships – IFBB, Light-SuperWeight


South American Amateur Championships – IFBB

South American Amateur Championships – IFBB, Light-SuperWeight


South American Amateur Championships – IFBB, Junior – HeavyWeight


South American Amateur Championships – IFBB, Junior – HeavyWeight

I appreciate all the interaction from all our readers and love any feedback. If you would like to see more Q&A, erotic artist features, bodybuilders highlights like Ko Ryu aka Cesar Quilpe or erotics writings by Mr. Muscleflex, let us know.