My collection of BigPJ by Ace Bannon photos deserves some love.

PJ saw my websites for Caesar and BigRoger and contacted me via email from London. He and his girlfriend thought he'd be a great candidate to model for me. And that if we did a site together it would help him promote himself as a muscle escort.

“His amazing looks: totally smooth & heavily hairy. Soon he was giving muscle worshippers everything they craved.”

BigPJ by Ace Bannon

Boy did it ever work. His two looks were equally amazing: totally smooth and heavily hairy. Signups went wild and he was traveling the world giving muscle worshippers just what they craved.

Before it was all over, he was even the regular of a world-famous fashion designer who would have been a great Bannon Man model himself!

BigPJ by Ace Bannon: A Selection of Sittings

BigPJ by Ace Bannon

This photo was from the first time BigPJ was in front of my camera. His flight from London had arrived in Austin earlier that day but he was fully ready to work.

We were in a chain hotel (if you're familiar with Austin, it's the round one right by the river). I loved working in hotels. And I loved working with musclemen who were ready to get naked and hard for the camera.

BigPJ showed up ready for action!

Ace Bannon

BigPJ by Ace Bannon was going to include photos like I'd never done before.

I had the idea to do a shoot in leather. We headed to the local leather bar, Chain Drive (RIP).

I brought some of my own gear; PJ had never worn leather prior to this shoot. He loved it.

Ace Bannon

After the first Austin sessions we launched We decided after it hit to start meeting in whichever metropolis he had clients in so that his travel costs wouldn't be so huge. The above photos were all shot in NYC.

It was an opportunity to explore his hairy side. And the classic “PIG” shirt shots were also from this trip.

PJ, though, was wrestling with a personal demon. He had one client — the aforementioned fashion designer — who he'd fallen pretty hard for. This was completely unexpected. He had no idea that, as a man, he could develop strong feelings for another man. But this man might be the one.

This was why I included the final image in the above set. It speaks to some of the inner turmoil my friend PJ was going through. It also just happens to have been shot in the Manhattan townhouse of the designer.

Ace Bannon
BigPJ by Ace Bannon

Later that year I met PJ in Los Angeles where we did this photo (among many others). It's absolutely one of my favorites of him.

By this time he had made his peace with falling in love with a man. PJ was in LA on his way to spend the week with the designer at his Palm Springs enclave and was very much looking forward to it.

I was very happy for them both.

Ace Bannon