We're not getting into current geopolitical issues; we're just here for the Ukrainian muscle.

I am highlighting some of the sexy Ukrainian muscle men and bodybuilders today since I always want to cover up-to-date topics for our Muscle Service readers. With today’s research, I came across some work from the late Muscle Gallery site highlighting exactly what I was looking for. Back when the site was live, they had a series of men from the Ukraine in what they appropriately titled “Ukrainian Muscle”. 

Big Ukrainian Bodybuilders like Roman Gavryshchuk

At one point Muscle Gallery must have had an open call in Ukraine because they were able to get a handful of hot hard bodied men who showed it all. And honestly, there must be something in the water because these men are just walking gods on Earth.

While I can list other pro bodybuilders on this list, I kept it for now to just the men who stripped it all for the cameras of MG. Roman Gavryshchuk, the first man included below in our list actually competed professionally up to 2018.

I hope you enjoy these Ukrainian muscle men and hopefully we can make another list like this someday soon.

Roman Gavryshchuk

Pavel Karpusha

Sergiy Muchak 

Ted Durban aka Mikhail Kuzmin