paddy o brian

Paddy O'Brian! These guys are not really the type I typically go for, but DAMN Paddy knows how to throw a fuck and does so quite… um, effectively in the clip below from “Deep Inside Part 1”. This is all brought to us by the good men at Falcon Studios, who have engaged the PR Fairies to give you this little taste of what's to come when you get the whole enchilada:

Things are getting mighty steamy in that glassed-in shower as beefy Angelo Marconi soaps up his monster cock. Blazing Paddy O'Brian rambles in with his gleaming white cock pointed straight up, and demands an exchanged frenzy of cocksucking and ass fucking that drives the passionate pair from the shower onto the deck and into the bedroom. They kiss furiously, too, lips and tongues disappearing as the men meld together. Angelo's spit smears across his face as he downs every inch of Paddy's immense tool. He deep throats it 'til he gags. Paddy calls him “Greedy,” and slams Angelo's ass like he's gonna dynamite the gaping glory hole. Angelo takes it like the bruiser bottom he is, quivering, begging for more, holding on for the ride of his life. Sweat pours down Paddy's body. He's possessed, tripling the speed of his cock's depth charge in Angelo's more than eager hole. The sheer velocity of fuck decimates Angelo, and screaming, they both explode, shooting shrapnel of cum everywhere.

Now, as promised, on to the action (now updated to a viewable size):

He’s perhaps the biggest porn model from the U.K.–Paddy O’Brian. Sexy, fit as fuck, and the object of just about everyone’s affections both gay and straight (and everything in between), you may think you’ve seen and gotten to know everything there is to know about this stud … until today. In this exclusive interview I asked the questions you’ve been wondering, from the “gay-for-pay” banter to questioning the gradual evolution of one of the industry’s most talked about stars.

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