No, unfortunately the new toy I'm referring to is not Joey Lassiter — but it does in fact give us the wonderful (though somewhat low-fi; not my fault–it's how the clips were provided) video clip of the one and only Joey seen below. As you may recall, Joey's one of my personal favorites. If you like him as much as I do, you can see much more of him HERE at

Oh, before we get to the video, here's a brief description from the PR Fairies:

New man Joey Lassiter is one of those guys with a quiet face and a calm demeanor – he lets his physique do the talking for him. An ambitious light-heavyweight, on the serious side, we were surprised when muscleman Joey easily agreed to become the next MuscleHunk model of the week – but we were quick to grab the camera and go with it. There's no particular fantasy scene going on here – all we did was put Joey in front of a mirror backstage in our new studios, stood back and waited to see what would happen. What we didn't anticipate was that Joey sported such a nice, big, super-pretty cock! Most pleasing…..and we think you'll be happy too.

Did I ever say what the new toy is? Well, it's actually a suite of technology and site updates that now allows BigBeefXXX to provide mobile-device compatible video! You'll start seeing a lot more of this from now on…