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Rogan Richards and Skippy Baxter
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Rogan Richards and Skippy Baxter Invite You to Watch

Rogan Richards and Skippy Baxter know the score. Sometimes you just like to watch. Now put yourself in the room with them while they fuck: WATCH THE FULL VIDEO HERE I’m pretty sure we all know what happens next. Just in case you’re scratching your head and wondering, here. The …

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bodybuilder porn
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Bodybuilder Porn: Rogan Works His Enormous Arms

Did Muscle Service invent bodybuilder porn? I didn’t invent bodybuilding nor did I invent porn. And, let’s be real, Jim French was here before me. Yet… Nah. I’m not that much of an egotist. But I do admit that I wonder about a few things. Without Muscle Service, would we …

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Save Now! Valentine’s Day Special on

Are you into suit play? Or maybe just dominant musclefucking. Will You Be Our Valentine? Get the Valentine’s Day Special on Wednesday, February 9th through Wednesday, February 16th. Muscle Service is offering our readers Monthly Memberships at $10/Month (50% OFF for LIFE!). Muscle Man Solo Rogan Richards & Paul Wagner MuscleService …

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Rogan Richards Porn
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Rogan Richards Porn Daddy Ruthless Top and Emerging Bodybuilder

We all know him: Rogan Richards porn is everywhere. And now Rogan Richards himself looks to be riding the wave toward emerging bodybuilder status. His own website touts his stats and growth goals: ROGAN’S STATS Chest 49″ Arms 17.5″ Legs 26″ Calves 16.5″ Waist 37.5″ Hips 36″ Ass 41″ Max …

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