As I discussed in my last article, I plan to bring to you more content than I did in 2021. More specifically, features on emerging talent and creators with original and different content.

Today, I bring to you Dreamybullxxx!

If you’re not familiar with him, I found him on Twitter via videos that showed him living in self-induced anal ecstasy. At first, it seemed like just another hot man fucking himself with his toys, but the passion he showed in his videos made me jealous of wanting to feel the same intense orgasms he seemed to have. I came to find out, Dreamybullxxx considers himself straight and that piqued my interest. It’s not everyday you find a man comfortable with his sexuality to be so open to extreme anal pleausure while being charasmatic and welcoming. 


With so many videos on his different channels (site, Only Fans, Just for Fans, etc.) Dreamybullxxx isn’t one to hide his sexual activity, masturbating in his car in public lots and sharing tips on how to prepare for anal play. Hey, if you need any tips make sure to check him out. From huge Hankey’s Toys to vegetables, Dreamybullxxx can make anyone curious enough to explore that side of pleasure, and with a book coming out this year, I am sure we are going to see a lot more of Dreamybullxxx!

Check out our convo!

Eddie: Unless I am mistaken, the only person I've seen on camera with you is a woman. Do you identify as straight, bi, or do you not care for labels?  

Dreamybullxxx: Yes! And that woman is my wife. But I do identify as straight and at the same don’t really care about labels.

Eddie: Now I’ve taken a look at your videos and you make ass play look out of this world! Completely orgasmic! The natural way you let yourself get immersed in anal orgasms is amazing. What first got you into anal play? When did you first experience how great it can be?

Dreamybullxxx: I believe I was in high school when I got curious with other sensations other than ejaculation. And that’s when I stumbled across a video of this guy on the internet and he had a butt plug In and was jerking off. Curiosity kills all cats right? So I tried it, and was blown away by the intensity of pleasure of the prostate pulsating around a large object while cumming WOAH!  Fast forward I wanted to try bigger things for bigger sensation and that my friend is addicting.


Becoming a creator

Eddie: What made you take the leap into creating content online for audiences worldwide?

Dreamybullxxx: There’s a plethora of content creators that literally do the same things and because of LGTBQ++ community they make almost and exclusive thing. That if you aren’t gay – then you should post “ gay” things. I’m a rule breaker and system changer so I decided to let it be known that you can enjoy all these pleasurable things whether you’re gay or straight.

Eddie: I see that you’ve shot content out in public (although in the safety of your car). Have you ever had a close experience getting caught?

Dreamybullxxx: Most certainly to the point that I’ve had some stop and stare into the car after realizing what they were witnessing. It gets me more excited.

Anal play advice

Eddie: What do you recommend someone do who wants to take their anal play to the next level? Advice? Tips?

Dreamybullxxx: Go to my website,

Eddie: As we know, lubrication in anal play is important. What is your favorite lube? 

Dreamybullxxx: I actually make my own live in my kitchen. I use human grade polymers, conditioners and silicons to create a viscous lube that doesn’t even expire.

Eddie: What are your favorite toys? Any recommendations for the experienced user?

Dreamybullxxx: I do not have a favorite toy. Well because each toy has its own personality that I love. But if I had to pick a brand Hankey Toys and Etsy Store.


Eddie: Any toy you may want but have yet to get? 

Dreamybullxxx: Omg yes. So Hankey Toys makes this Goliath dildo in 4xl. It's my dream to get this big boy!

Wrapping up with Dreamybullxxx

Eddie: A few questions I ask all my interviewees… who are your favorite pornstars? Any male pornstars you applaud?

Dreamybullxxx:  I unfortunately do not have a “favorite” per se. However i do follow PhatRabbitkiller and of the course the infamous Rhyheim Shabazz.

Eddie: Have you been approached by any studios or other content creators to perform? Anyone you would like to collaborate with?  

Dreamybullxxx: All the time- if i can count the number of pornstars literally begging me to have me. I respectfully decline with a smile. And that’s just because I am straight solo Content Creator.

Eddie: Where can people find you? 

Dreamybullxxx: You can find me at. there you will see all of my links.

Eddie: Anything else you may want to share or speak on… 🙂

Dreamybullxxx: I’m coming out with a book. It's called The Art of Self Pleasure. It's a book for everybody who lacks confidence within themselves , and for those who are struggling sexually with their partners. I give lessons and tutorials on anal training, prostate milking, edging and many more.  Coming Summer 2022.