Today’s Flashback Friday post goes to the one and only Tom Katt. Since I can remember, I have always been fascinated by the man that has flooded my Twitter feed this week. Although he has never portrayed the role of the total top, he always embodied the fantasy of the masculine in-charge alpha male. Tom Katt always carried his look well with muscles all over his body from his shoulders to his ass, hairy chest with pecs to die for, and overall built physique. I think one of the things that made Tom Katt so special is that he fulfilled the alpha look while still being a prime power bottom who never seemed bothered by having a cock in his mouth and ass. 

From 1991 to 2003 Tom Katt, graced the covers of many many movies and magazine photoshoots including shots by Ace Bannon. On camera, Tom fucked ass, got fucked, entertained muscle worship and wrestling videos, and worked with studios including Big Blue Productions, Catalina Video, All Worlds Video, Falcon Studios, HIS Video, BG Enterprise, Odyssey Men Video, and so many more. It sucks we never go to see him pair up with another fan favorite, Caesar, but I did hear amongst the gay vine that Tom Katt always wanted a little more than just a friendship in their relationship. 

Since he filmed his last video, we all know he found Jesus and retired from porn and and that part of his life. We support anyone trying to better themselves but would very much love for him to embrace that part of his life that garnered a giant fan base that still remains strong to the day. 

Anyways, let’s look at some favorite scenes in no particular order. 

#5 Wet Warehouse #2 

My first scene that I recall LOVING Tom Katt was him acting in Wet Warehouse #2 in which he was paired with Max Grand, a Latin lover that graced porn screens through the 90s. Love how he rode Max Grand until he came shooting his load and pushing Max’s cock out with his anal pulses. 

#4 Cop Corruption

One of those scenes that I always get off on is a classic in Cop Corruption, seeing Tom Katt get pounded by daddy Paul Carrigan. His role as a corrupt cop, only to end up with his legs in the air will be a scene I re-watch until I die. Loved to see his beefy hairy pecs jiggle while he got fucked like the dirty dirty cop he played. 

#3 Conquered

Conquered against Billy Herrington (pun intended) Tom Katt shines in this scene as being a verse king. He not only played the beefy hairy bottom he is known for, but he successfully topped Billy Herrington in his first bottoming scene (please correct me if I’m wrong). 

#2 BG Enterprise-Ultimate Body Worship 3

This scene makes the list because it showed him paired up with someone younger and slimmer than him. If you’ve followed by writings up to this point, you know I am all about size and age difference and this shows highlights Tom’s dominance. 

#1 Blue Blake Films

Look at any Blue Blake Film and you will see how Tom was great as he got closer to the end of his career. Not sure where he decided to quit porn, but the films he did during this time I feel were his last. 

I get a lot of inspiration from my Twitter feed so let me know who you guys want to highlight next!