When most people think of having superpowers, it's being able to fly, having massive superhero strength, teleporting, controlling minds, etc. But no one mentions one power I wish I could have: the power to Multi Cum endlessly! Like being able to suck his own dick, the power to cum nonstop would be a pornstar’s ultimate superpower.

This past week, I was informed that Bel Ami pornstar Dario Dulce has the power to Multi Cum. And combined with a masculine physique, this is the type of content I am here for. I completely welcome Dario Dulce with open arms and legs in the air. While looking up his content, I remembered one of my earlier pornstar crushes who was able to Multi Cum. I am talking, of course, about Aiden from Corbin Fisher, included in my article asking which era of porn was the best. Aiden was someone who made cumming look like an amazing out-of-body experience. Years ago he said he wasn't aware he could Multi Cum from being fucked until he started shooting gay porn. As a total bottom, I am truly jealous of this man.

Sure, there may be some BTS secrets (Editor's Note: No, not the k-pop boy band; this BTS means “behind the scenes”.) happening in shooting porn. But I would like to believe men like Dario and Aiden really have the power to Multi Cum!!! Aiden, who has since gone on to build a private life, has remained one of my porn fantasies for years. And I hope he would one day return to make amazing content in front of the camera. 

I already wrote an article on vitamins you can take to build bigger cumshots and I have to say when I first started, I did notice a change in the strength of my cumshots and overall pleasure when cumming. Unfortunately, and due to bad journalistic research on my part, I stopped about 15 days in since I ran out of one of the ingredients to my cumshot cocktail. I’ll have to make it work one more time with a full month’s supply to see a full difference but maybe it’ll lead me to multicum! 

Not sure about you but I want more multicummers in this world. If anyone knows more pornstars that can cum more than once in a session, send me a whole list!