It’s about to get corny, but getting in the Christmas spirit this year has given me a mixture of warm holiday joy and a lusting urge to have more men in my life. As we approach the Christmas season, I present my gay take on the 12 days of Christmas. I will be breaking this down into a couple parts, but hope you enjoy a little cheezy fun! 

12 Drummers Drumming becomes 12 Drummer Covers

Kicking off the 12 Gays of Christmas, a gift I know Mega_Zines will love, 12 Dummer Magazines!

In finding these 12 covers I came across Drummer Magazine, which covers “leathersex, leatherwear, leather and rubber gear, S&M, bondage and discipline, erotic styles and techniques.” And while these images look vintage (the magazine launched in 1975), I just found out that the magazine has relaunched and is live at

11 Pecs A' Pumping

A gift I would love to have on my 11th Gay of Christmas….11 hot, built men bouncing their pecs for me. Although the original “11 Pipers Piping” was an innuendo in itself, I know we love pecs here at Muscle Service and I am happy to present to you 11 hot men with bouncing pecs. These videos are PG, so feel free to follow them and more on YouTube and celebrate the 12 Gays of Christmas with us.

As mentioned, this will be broken into a few posts. So keep an eye out for more of the 12 Gays of Christmas as we countdown throughout the month!

Happy Holidays!