Caesar showed up with Tom Katt hairy and built as a surprise. We were doing an Ace Bannon photoshoot for Caesar's site and it was the last thing I expected. Of course, I took advantage of the opportunity and we did a Tom Katt Ace Bannon photo series. They were first available on my site called Muscle Arena, I think. That or the one called Built Bears. I don't really remember. If anyone does, please let me know.

For hairy muscle fans, has there ever been anyone better?

There are plenty of examples out there. I like to think these images are a bit more intimate than most you find. Here's hairy Tom with a young-looking Marc Dylan:

Tom Katt in the shower offered by

And more hairy Tom, this time in cop costumes with handsome and muscular Scott Randsome:

And who can forget the Cop Corruption video starring hairy Tom Katt and a bunch of others? Our own Eddie V called it out in his post a couple of months back. And now we've got the full video below: