Happy to be back readers! After a long vacation that felt much deserved, I am back in session and ready to continue talking about the world of porn, bodybuilders, hot men doing what men do, and much more! Not midway into September, I am reminded that young adults all across the nation are back in school. With the world being what it is today, students are behind a desk at home or in class but what will forever live on is the ultimate fantasy of the teacher-student sexual relationship. 

To talk about this infamous subject, here are 10 great scenes discovered on Men.com.

Confession: When I was a barely legal twink, I found myself bouncing up and down on the hot throbbing cock of my science professor in high school. Maybe that’s when I became obsessed with pleasing older men. 

Under The Desk Fun

Featuring: Girth Brooks, Tyler Sweet

This is one of my favorites that will forever remind us of the giant cock Girth Brooks had. He very much lived up to the name and Tyler Sweet was one lucky young pornstar at the time that was lucky enough to suck on Brook’s giant cock before pleasing his teacher. If I knew my teacher had a cock like that, I would do anything to make sure it was in any of my holes. 

Caught In The Shower

Featuring: Robert Van Damme, Tyler Sweet

Another scene by lucky bottom Tyler Sweet. He is clearly someone who fucked my fantasy men in the early 2010s. Robert Van Damme is the ultimate fuck daddy. After running into Tyler Sweet jerking off in the shower, he quickly joins to fuck Sweet making him the ultimate Coach of the year. 

Seducing The Professor 2

Featuring: Rocco Reed, Johnny Rapid

Johnny Rapid plays innocent really well. Not only is he able to seduce Daddy Rocco Reed Now this is not how I came to seduce my teacher back in the day, but if you want some pointers, check it out. 

Captain's Test

Featuring: Troy Collins, Arpad Miklos

RIP Arpad Miklos. While Miklos is no longer here to entertain us, we thank videos like this that will keep him forever!

Learning About Infidelity

Featuring: Zeb Atlas, Mike De Marko

Its Zeb. Did you really think I would cover one of these series without including Zeb? I mean! 

The Exchange Student

Featuring: James Ryder, Tyler Saint

While I didn’t study abroad when I was younger, I am sure I would’ve gotten into many encounters with men around the world. While this scene takes place in the US, with a British student as the exchange, we don’t blame him for latching onto the daddy Tyler Saint when possible. 

A Cheater's Discipline

Featuring: Brandon Wilde, Will Swagger

Admit it, we all cheated in high school. And what is the best way of getting punished for it? Fuck the teacher. Granted, if that was an option, you probably wouldn’t have to cheat to begin with. 

Fuckery A Foot

Featuring: Trevor Knight, Jesse Jordan

Porn is camp, but this scene takes the trophy. I can see the benefits of doing the splits in front of your teacher to seduce him but this scene makes you laugh lol. 

Cutting Weight

Featuring: Robert Axel, Adam Hardy

What’s the best way of losing a few ounces before the wrestling match. Fuck the couch and if you don’t make the weight class, then at least you can cum a few ounces out. Robert Axel is an-all time favorite of mine so was so happy to include him here. 

Big Favor

Featuring: Bryce Star, Conner Habib

How do you pass a test? Fuck the professor. If you haven’t figured it out by now, just fuck the teacher, fuck the coach, fuck your mentor, just make sure to send it for us to watch!