Remember Edu Boxer?

Remember Edu Boxer? I recently “rediscovered” him on Men At Play when this scene was served up:

Give me Edu Boxer naked in the gym any day.


The Press Release Fairies at Men At Play were focused on the introduction of Dani Robles. To me, Dani is just the lucky fucker who got to have Edu Boxer dominate him in the gym.

Here's how the scene was promoted back in 2014 when it was released:

Edu Boxer makes his big return to Menatplay this week, and he’s coming back looking sexier than ever and ready to give our newest recruit Dani Robles his official Induction – Menatplay style. The strikingly handsome 29-year-old looks exceptionally sharp in his brand new suit and is adamant about not getting it ruined, but that only gets Edu even more turned on and decided to give the young businessman a bit of rough treatment – getting his ass well and truly pounded, his suit completely ruined and his tie covered in his hot spunk. And make sure you check out Dani’s mouthwatering, squirting cumshot! What a debut for our latest MAP Stud!

Men At Play – Inducted
edu boxer

Suit porn has never really been my thing. Gym porn, on the other hand… well, we're here, right??


Yep – that's the intensity I'm talking about right there. Who gives a flying fuck if the suit gets ruined when you're the guy who gets to service Edu?