Christian Power and Max Chevalier

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A little known fact is that the Titans… Christian Power and Max Chevalier, actually did two scenes together for Men of Montreal. The first one was never released because the guy's finale was a bust. It was also during Christian's tentative first steps in gay sex and porn. He had only shot one scene before, and that was with Marko Lebeau. So to mark our second anniversary (Yes, 2 years already!), and since Christian is on a porn hiatus right now, we decided to release the original Clash of The Titans, which was shot a few weeks prior to the one already released a while back.

What you will be viewing is actually what we could call the Director's Cut. In fact, there is very little cut in this release. You are getting the raw footage assembled for your viewing pleasure. It allows you to peek into how a scene is shot and how Christian was taking his very first steps in porn. In fact, you'll notice Max, the more experienced guy, guide our newbie along several times during the shoot.

We won't say much about this scene as the footage speaks for itself. We will say this. The guys were into it… And, there are some little gems that will make you laugh. And, let's just say that it can sometimes be a challenge for two bodybuilders to give us good angle to shoot as the muscles can get in the way. Even though Christian was finding things a bit difficult at the beginning, you see him congratulating Max at one point for his talented fucking. And, by then, Max was just gliding his fat cock easily in and out of Christian's expanded hole.

And, sometimes guy aren't quite in sync when it comes time for them to deliver their cum shots. This was the case with both muscle dudes here. So the decision was taken to shoot another scene with them both…. Aw! Aren't you disappointed!

So, sit back and unzip your pants. And, peek into this hot & spicy romp.

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