In researching info on today’s article, I came across the interesting realization that in all my years of watching porn, idolizing some of the perfectly built men that have given me hours of entertainment, I have never hired anyone personally for some private one-on-one time. And although I would consider myself venturing into virgin territory, I would LOVE to hear what people have experienced! Feel free to comment or tweet me with some stories!

It does suck to know that many of the men I would LOVE to be with now have retired from meeting privately with fans, but there are still many out there that are willing to make personal calls. After writing about Brad Hollibaugh passing away, I was reminded to not let chances go. Not sure what is in the future for me, but here are some men I would love to spend the night with. 

**Please note, I have only included men who have been in porn or at least in front of the camera, and have currently or previously placed ads online for services. Some research was made online at Muscle Service Forums**

Rogan Richards

A recent article written by Ace himself reminded me of the Alpha Male that is Rogan Richards. I'd have to be ready to be treated like a rag doll but hey it's what I'd sign up for.

Con Demetriou

I would love to know what Con is up to these days but it was great to hear that some men out there have spent him with all of Con's muscles. He embodies exactly what made me fall in love with muscle. Yes any day!

Robert Van Damme 

RVD has been referenced in some of my articles so it's no surprise I would include him here. I think he would be open to connecting to some fans, but would have to visit Europe for that.

Christian Power

Hailing from Montreal, Christian was rated as “Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! 6′ and 290 lbs. Friendly as hell ! Fantastic experience.” by a member at Muscle Service Forums. Love to hear the positive feedback.

Derek Steele

Daddy Derek didn't make himself available for an interview I was hoping to publish on him, but that will not keep me from fantasizing about being in bed with him. Perfect daddy/son scenario between him and me!

Jake Gianelli

Another fantasy of mine that was referenced by a member at Muscle Service Forums! He was described as a “great guy and accommodating”

Peter Latz

Peter has made many listings throughout the year but unfortunately, I haven't had great luck in getting in touch with him. I'd love to feature him on Muscle Service, but maybe it will be after we share some time in the bedroom haha.

Vin Marco

What can I say about Vin. He's so personable, charming, nice, professional, and great to his fanbase. I haven't hired him yet, but just from what I can tell from social media, I'm pretty sure he would live up to his persona.