With the Oscars over and awards season coming to an end, I was reminded that we are in the middle of gay porn award season…well with the Grabby’s anyways being held a month away on Saturday May 29th 2021. As a self-acclaimed porn aficionado, I have to remind my readers to make their finals vote before voting ends tomorrow May 1st!!!

This made me think of any other award shows that are still in existence including the GayVN Awards, Cybersocket Web Awards Winners, independent awards like the Raven’s Eden Awards, and the Str8UpGayPorn Awards which you can find here:

With so many pornstars in existence, it would be impossible to highlight all my favorites but am happy to provide a complete list of all previous GayVN Awards Hall of Fame-ers! Total list can be found below!

GayVN Awards Hall of Fame Complete List

Jim Bentley

Josh Eliot

Chad Johnson

John Rutherford

Ken Ryker

Steven Scarborough

Jim Steel

Chip Daniels

Wakefield Poole

Toby Ross

J.D. Slater

Tom Chase

Todd Montgomery

Russell Moore

Chad Donovan

Jim French

Jake Andrews

Michael Brandon

Randy Cochran

Peter Berlin

Ray Dragon

Chase Hunter

Chris Ward

Paul Barresi

Rod Barry

Lucas Kazan

Tiger Tyson

Dink Flamingo

Michael Lucas (director)

TJ Paris

Dean Phoenix

Jack Simmons

Phil St. John

Chris Steele

Ryan Block

Mike Donner

Bill Marlowe

Matthew Rush

Mickey Skee

Keith Miller, founder of Helix Studios

Tim Valenti, NakedSword/Falcon Studios CEO

mr. Pam

RIP Awards Shows

Unfortunately, not all awards show last like the GayVN Awards have. And there are many that are no longer around, but maybe this will give way to an ultimate bodybuilder/pornstar/all-round hotty Muscle Service Award Show. I would personally love to thoroughly judge and interview all contestants, nominees, and winners. Here is a small list of those award shows that are no longer around. RIP!

The “Dave” Awards (RIP 1994)

Gay Erotic Video Awards (RIP 1999)

Probe / Men in Video Awards

Hard Choice Awards

International Escort Awards (RIP 2016)

X-Rated Critics Organization (RIP 1989)

Golden Dickies Awards (Award Scheme run in 2008)