A New Muscle Hunks Twitter Poll!

Fully immersed in November, there is one thing that is clearly not happening at the offices of Muscle Service: No Nut November. Kudos to you those of you participating! But when there are muscular men all around the world to appreciate it's just impossible. Recently, I conducted my first Muscle Service X Twitter poll and it's time to do another one again. It's Thanksgiving month and I am grateful for all the men that once posed for Muscle Hunks. I wonder how many times I have visited these famous clips but want to hear from you once again so let me know who from the below you want more of! This time, I made sure to find men that have had a professional career in the world of bodybuilding and will highlight their latest performance on the professional stage. 

Bill Baker

Realizing my last poll omitted Bill Baker surprised me. The scenes with him and Timmy Riordan got me on track for featuring this time. If he wins this time around, I may just have to feature Timmy Riordan in my next poll.  Bill Baker has classic bodybuilder looks with broad shoulders, amazing arms and overall chiseled abs and pecs. I appreciate the time in his life when he gave it all to the camera at PowerMen and other sites. Professionally, he is an obvious athlete who has placed first in many competitions under the name Oscar Zaracho. My take, I prefer his look his a full set of hair.

Sven Gronstrom

If at any given moment of your bodybuilding-loving-porn-watching career you’ve come across Muscle Hunks clips, then you’ve come across Sven Gronstrom. Bodybuilder Sven feels like an unofficial mascot for Muscle Hunks. His group scene with Kevin Conrad and Benny Ryder feels so iconic. What may be news is his bodybuilding name Raul Gheorghe Maghiar. This Russian beautiful beast has been competing as recently as 2019 at the IFBB Romania Muscle Fest Pro. Like any other guy on this list, I would love to see him back in front of the camera. Competitions should provide grants if you have active Only Fans accounts….just saying! 

Lucius Blaque

Jackson Gunn

Putting Jackson up here makes me wonder if I am not giving the rest of the men on here a fair chance. Jackson has been featured on many other sites including friend to the site The Guy Site, Paragon Men, Jimmy Z Productions, Manifest Men, Thunder TV Wrestling and even My Friends Feet for those interested in feet. Heis also one of the select few that have gone on to provide some man-on-man action via The Guy Site. Under the name Kyle Schafer, he has been seen competing as recently as 2018. 

Make sure to vote on my Twitter so see who this month’s winner will be.