The Muscle Service team never tires of rewinding back to the amazing Tom Katt bodybuilder bottom days.

And we're well aware it's because he was THE original muscle bottom slut.

As luck would have it, I've found a treasure trove of old videos where he demonstrates his talents. I'll start posting a few here and we'll see if there's enough interest to keep it up. So to speak.

The first clip I (ahem) came across, from “Cowboy”, confusingly included two scenes. Saying it's confusing puts it mildly. First, there's some other guy– anyone know who that is and why he wasn't a major star? He's not listed anywhere on the VHS box, as far as I can see…

That guy is hot in his solo posing scene! It's followed by a classic Tom Katt bodybuilder bottom fuck on an excavator:


Are we all here for the classic VHS-quality content? I hope so, since this post is full of it!

What do the Press Release Fairies have to say about all this? I thought you'd never ask.

Muscle hunk Caesar explores his gay sexuality with other muscled hotties featuring exquisite power bottom penetration and a controversial 3-way bathroom scene.

Big Blue Productions – Cowboy

Weird that there's no mention of Tom. But it was a big deal that Blue Blake got Caesar as his star, so…


But Wait, There's More…

I kept digging and found yet another video showing more of the Tom Katt bodybuilder bottom scene from “Cowboy”. This time without the other random solo clip attached:

Tom Katt with Caesar While Promoting “Cowboy”


Yeah, I'm gonna have to make this a series of posts. There is a TON of content out there to share with you guys. Stay tuned for more!