muscle daddy alex james

Hello Muscle Daddy Alex James!

And where have you been all my life? Based on what I can find elsewhere, he's been on the Active Duty site for a while now. And, no doubt as a result of all that work in the military gym, bulking up on the regular!

Ever Wonder Why They Call Them Privates?

In this latest scene, Active Duty pairs Alex with Brandon Anderson. Lucky Private Anderson has been a bad boy. He's sneaking porn behind his supervisor's back. Guess who's the supervisor? You got that right, it's big muscle daddy Alex James! And Alex is compelled to punish the private for his poor behavior.

Can I be next?

And was the porn Private Anderson was sneaking by chance other Active Duty scenes featuring Alex?

And Scene:

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From the Founder of Active Duty:

My lifetime pursuit of perfect, hot military men

Welcome to a labor of love and a lifestyle that turned into a full-time job. Active Duty was born before it was ever even the website that you are visiting now. It all started with my love for military men and my random nights of chasing (and usually catching) them in the straight strip clubs, shady dive bars and Wal-Mart.

Being raised in the adjacent city to one of the largest Army bases in the world, my love for men in (and out of) uniform was a natural one, I suppose. Some of my first memories as a child are of the hulking figures in camouflage that surrounded us when we ventured out on trips to “town” where they stood tall like a forest of strong trees that protected us.

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