I met him when he was touring gay bars and my online friends only knew Caesar in Jocks Videos. We did our first photos together after one of those live shows. And that meeting plays a big part in how The Muscle Service Station has managed to stay alive for 25 years.

From my 2nd photoshoot with Caesar. Right around the time he was working with Jocks.

Both Caesar and I continued to develop our talents over the years. Many of the later photos are some of my very favorites.

Around the time of these earlier shots, the gay world was getting to know Caesar in Jocks videos like these:


This scene from “Sprung” is classic Caesar bottoming work.


Here's how the Jocks/Falcon Studios Press Release Fairies described it at the time:

The attraction between Cameron Fox and Caesar is intense and too strong to ignore. Immediately the two men go at it. Caesar dives onto Cameron's cock, swallowing it whole and sucking away at the mushroom tip. Cameron returns the favor, taking each inch of Caesar's dick down his throat. He starts to rim Caesar, tongue-fucking his hole, getting it primed and ready for some tight ass-packing. Cameron slides his dick in and begins to pump away, sending muscleman Caesar into ecstasy. They groan and moan in harmony as Cameron continues grinding his dick deep inside Caesar's ass. He shoots his load over Caesar's abs as Caesar strokes himself to orgasm and the two satisfied studs linger in a sticky embrace.

Falcon Studios: Caesar in Jocks Videos – Sprung, Scene 3


Caesar's impact couldn't have been greater for certain men. Here's a former Marine, a bodybuilder (let's face it, he was the only one on the scene, other than Christian Duffy/Bull Stanton). Bottoming and clearly loving every inch.

“The Violation Part 2: Surrender”

This long ago, a fisting scene from a major studio was pretty much unheard of. So this raised a lot of eyebrows at the time. Unfortunately, I haven't found a clip to upload, so CLICK HERE to view it.


The PR Fairies didn't have a lot to say:

While searching for his boyfriend in the woods Jackson Price comes upon Justin Dragon and Caesar. Jackson just wants a ride, but he gets that and a lot more in the back of their van.


“…he gets a lot more in the back of their van.”


Jocks/Falcon expanded on their description of the overall video with this:

With the help of Tanner Hayes, Colby Taylor discovers that a good man and some good lovin' is the quick remedy for a heavy heart. And Jackson Price ends up paying a high price for his cheating ways. The hot and heavy action continues with new Exclusive Justin Dragon, plus popular Exclusives Eric Hart and Jeremy Jordan; and featuring Jason Hawke and Caesar. Contains controversial fisting scene!

Falcon Studios

Caesar became a huge star, as we all know. But there was a time when we only really knew Caesar in Jocks videos.