Muscle Alpha Bottom

Today’s post comes from complete imaginative, horny inspiration which is probably always the best. After spending some time on Twitter, I came to a realization. Although I am a total bottom in my day to day life… have to admire a nice big juicy ass on a bodybuilder. I find myself wanting to worship and stick my face in a nice pair of beefy cheeks. Even though I have no intention of actually topping the hole. So….this led to thoughts about the times I have loved seeing big beefy bodybuilders take it as a power bottom. There are many muscle alpha bottom examples, but here are just a few highlights.

Benny G in Anything

Benny G was a featured beefy jock in a number of sites and scenes. Shot by Fraternity X, Maverick Men, Man Hunt, the short lived site Parole Him and more. He knew how to put on an act as the beefy jock being taken advantage of. But it's something I eat up! His muscle alpha bottom performances always reminded me of a jock who would be too drunk to know what was going on. And then he just so happens to open his hole to be fucked by any passerby. Who cares, I loved his moans and groans. It's interesting to note, he was in many videos alongside fellow jock type Carter Jacobs. I could image they had an off camera bromance or relationship, but Benny and Carter were in many videos together. 

Skye Woods in Anything

While there are MANY MANY videos where Skye opened up his legs to be the beefy muscle alpha bottom slut that he is, this scene paired him with another favorite of mine, Robert Van Damme. And this scene had a lot of Skye being a true beefy bottom. It had Robert sucking on Skye’s nips as he fingered him, it had Robert fucking Skye as he opened his legs wide and a final cum shot that ended up all on Skye’s chest and abs. 

Coincidentally, another scene that highlighted both Skye Woods and Robert Van Damme included Tyler Saint in a bodybuilding fantasy. As all three fuck in a private gym. This long time favorite of mine could have included more passionate harder sex, but I love all the cocksucking, nip sucking, and muscle worship action that happens between the three. Once again, Skye is the beefy bottom that ends with cum all over his pecs. 

Muscle Alpha Bottom

Rock in It's Gonna Hurt-Can You Smell what the Rock is Sucking!

Rock, or Doc Rock is one of those performers that unfortunately I forget about until I am researching porn to create a list like today’s. He’s been around on many sites and has had a career in porn but for some reason doesn't stand out to me as having a giant fan base. Maybe I am wrong and hopefully you can all let me know what he is up to but I still admire the scenes he was in. Usually I love him as the bodybuilder dad-next-door type but I appreciated trying to see him be a bottom slut when he could be. Doc Rock, or Rock has been featured on sites like It’s Gonna Hurt, Men over 30, Men, and more. He did have a Rent Men ad that has since expired.

Caesar in Caesar's Hardhat Gang Bang

Stop me if you ever want me to stop talking about Caesar. I will listen to my lustful readers, but until then, forgive me for talking about Caesar yet again. However, this video does fit perfectly for today’s theme because it features Caesar in a young role but in one of his more famous features. We’re talking of course, about Men of Odyssey-Caesar's Hardhat Gang Bang. I know we’re talking huge beefy bottoms today and while this was filmed before Caesar got to his beefy bodybuilding physique, he didn't disappoint being a hungry bottom. He really is such a versatile actor. 

Jack 5 in the Scenes where he Bottoms on The Guy Site

You’ve already read what I think about Jack 5 and while I normally love Jack 5 as a beefy cocky type, it's fun to see his big juicy ass be impaled by a hard throbbing cock. There are a number of scenes on the site that show him in all his bottom glory so many sure to check it out. Hey, if we can actually recreate that Fantasy Fuckfest I wrote about, it may even rival Caesar's Hardhat Gang Bang

Muscle Alpha Bottom

Now this list can go on and on but will have to stop this one here for now. So many more scenes from Colt Studio, Active Duty, Randy Blue, and of course Muscle Matt came to mind but will have to feature that another week. 🙂