Carlo Masi Luke Garrett and Gage Weston

In Man Country, Scene 2 Carlo Masi, Luke Garrett and Gage Weston get down on the farm for this hot Colt Studio Group 3-way. COLT again brings the muscle. It's a tribute to how on track the studio was in the time immediately following John Rutherford's takeover.

What Happened to COLT-level Gay Porn?

Jim French set a very high standard with COLT. One that has, in the long run, been proven to be too high to keep in the current pornscape. For those of us who were diehard Jim French fans–and who were hopeful Rutherford's reign would continue the masculine traditions set by Jim–it's a disappointment. Though, honestly, is anyone going to be successful shooting studio-quality gay porn when every Tom, Dick, and Harry has a phone and an OnlyFans?

I sense the pendulum may be swinging back. Slowly, signs of a desire to return to themed series featuring actual competitive bodybuilders are showing. As a result, we may wind up going full-circle. And getting high-quality gay porn back again.

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Here's what the Press Release Fairies have to say about Carlo Masi, Luke Garrett and Gage Weston in this effort:

Man Country Scene 2 uses a bright blue farm tractor as a backdrop – a first for COLT. Three COLT Man Exclusives make this a threesome to remember! Partners Luke Garrett and Gage Weston take on Carlo Masi, first by sharing his cock, and then by letting Carlo have both of theirs at the same time! They put Carlo on his back over a tire and work both ends orally before letting him fuck and eat ass at the same time. Then Carlo gets to be in the enviable middle of a fuck sandwich, then ending with two big loads of cum on his face – and an even bigger smile. This scene could single handedly reverse the disappearance of the American family farm.

Colt Studio Group

Check out our Man Country Scene 2 video clip below to watch Carlo Masi, Luke Garrett and Gage Weston. They're all being big ol' hoes in this field of wet dreams:

Man Country Scene 2 Trailer courtesy of Colt Studio Group

If that wasn't enough for you, just have a look at this overall description of the video. Again, text is courtesy of our friends the Press Release Fairies:

Man Country

COLT Welcomes you to MAN COUNTRY! Farm-fresh eggs, hand-milked cream, and sweaty hard-working men can only be found in the great outdoors. MAN COUNTRY; award-winning director John Rutherford's celebration of Americana at its best!

Colt Studio Group

If the Look is Masculine, the Name is COLT!

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That being said…  No other all-male erotic studio has produced high-quality imagery and products for longer and more consistently.

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