From Peter Latz bodybuilder — aka Petebigmuscle on the Muscle Forums — posted in the Muscle Logbook less than 24-hours ago:

“Hi gentlemen, I am back and available for muscle worship or…”

Peter Latz on the Muscle Forums

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Peter Latz bodybuilder extraordinaire is a stalwart friend of The Muscle Service Station. And he remains an always-reliable resource to our readers.

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A few collected quotes from and about Peter Latz bodybuilder:

“I began working with weights when I was just a kid. I started wrestling in high school and continued it as a college wrestler. As a wrestler, I started really pressing iron, and I liked what I saw – my muscles getting bigger and stronger; my abs getting ripped. A few years later, I entered my first bodybuilding competition. Eventually, I got big enough and strong enough to become Mr. Nevada. Come on in and talk to a real Champion!!!”

“We caught up with Peter Latz bodybuilder, the Alpha Male as he calls himself, at his hotel in Washington, DC getting ready to meet his first of many muscle worshiping clients. Get up close and personal with this Alpha Male as he flexes and strokes his big cock in front of the camera follow by a hot sexy shower for your viewing pleasure!”

“Handsome Peter Latz bodybuilder drips with such raw animal magnetism and muscular sex appeal that he will have jaws dropping and mouths watering producing cascades of appreciation. Peter has shoulders that are incredibly broad tapering to a narrow waist and then flaring out into quads. His chest is made up of two slabs of muscular real estate. The man is cut with peaks and valleys that would bedazzle a cartographer and shimmering in the cascading water of a shower, show to great effect

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