You know by now my obsession with Liam Knox muscle porn is all-consuming. While his resurgence on is recent, the rabbit-hole of content is deep.

Raging Stallion graced us with “Haulin' Ass” roughly 3 years ago, and I'm here for it now.

Via the Press Release Fairies:

Ricky Larkin catches Liam Knox slacking off on the job and decides to teach the lazy stud a lesson. After commenting on the size of Liam's ass from all the sitting he does, Ricky bends the thick stud over, pulls down his pants, and gets to work licking his sweaty hole.

After a nice long rimming session, Ricky gets Liam worked up and ready to suck some dick. Liam turns around and takes Ricky's big cock in his mouth before he lets the stud fuck his face. Ricky's big balls bang against Liam's chin as he pounds the eager stud's mouth. Ricky enjoys the attention his cock is getting, but now needs a taste of Liam's dick.

Ricky gets down in front of the stud and slurps on his rock-hard pole. The taste of Liam's cock sends Ricky over the edge when he stands up and demands to see Liam's ass. Liam does as he's told and bends over to let Ricky blast a load all over his nice big bubble-butt.

With Ricky's jizz running down his legs, Liam stands up to huff on Ricky's ripe pits. Ricky's man-scent sends Liam into overdrive as he sniffs and jacks his rod, making his cock erupt and sending a thick river of cum down to his feet and onto the parking lot gravel. Liam isn't off the hook though. He still has work to do, and Ricky is going to make sure that it all gets done.

Raging Stallion


Let's See Some Liam Knox Muscle Action!


I don't know about you, but I'm feeling sweaty.

Of course, I have a gallery for you:


About “Haulin' Ass”

Directors Steve Cruz and Jasun Mark take to the desert for Haulin’ Ass as they explore the steamy world of truckers, blue collar workers, and joyriders. The video features six sizzling scenes (five duo scenes and a hot threeway) starring nine of Raging Stallion’s hottest studs. In total, the video includes nearly three hours of non-stop, man-on-man action. As the fun begins, trucker Marco Napoli heads down a deserted highway on his way to an encounter with Manuel Scalpo. After an intense flip fuck, we cut to Jason Zhu as he pulls into a car repair shop where the mechanics service more than just cars! The video then goes on to explore four more erotic blue collar scenarios (including a hot hitchhiker scene featuring Ricky Larkin and Drake Masters.)

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