I'm so happy to finally be able to provide mobile-device friendly clips that I've lost the ability to creatively title my posts. So this one is all about SIZE — the size of the clip and the size of the man: Gianluigi Volti. You've seen him here before, but never with actual online video in the page. That you can view on your phone or tablet. What will they think of next?

Of course, we can't have video without the scintillating prose of those ever-present PR Fairies — who, like me, are obsessed with size:

Every Inch the Perfect Man

Quench the summer heat with one of the hottest musclestuds of this or any year! Stunner Gianluigi Volti returns to MuscleHunks to show off his mind-boggling definition, muscular sweep, and masculine perfection. A total package, ripped and ready Sicilian Gianluigi relaxes on a private outdoor terrace before taking a quick dip into a hot tub, all while showing off that kingsized tool – and he knows just how to use it. Come on in – the water's fine! – and play with triple threat Gianluigi. Perfect size. Perfect shape. Perfect muscles. Every inch the perfect man: Gianluigi Volti.

Now! A big-ass video: