At Muscle Service, I’m sure we’d like to say we like to discover new talent. From the iconic images of Caesar, Tom Katt & Gauge shot by Ace Bannon to the recent social media influencers who we love to watch and support, we like to highlight men who are open to showing off the work they’ve put into their hard-earned bodies. About a year ago, we shared AMiNoMeDariaMiedo’s profile when he was an emerging OnlyFans star. His bouncing pecs have entertained many, and to the day, people ask me about him. I am just waiting to see who he will collaborate with in the future. 

Introducing SamsonMuscle

Today, I am happy to share someone we hope to see a lot more of. Introducing SamsonMuscle! I had the pleasure of meeting SamsonMuscle via Instagram a few years ago and unfortunately lost touch with him until recently. (Due to his personal request, I will not be sharing his personal IG.) 

Social Media FTW

By chance, as I’ve had to kick off my new IG account, I was able to find him again and luckily, reconnected at the right time. Shortly after touching base, I woke up one morning to a message from him letting me know he joined the world of sexy content creation with his recently launched OnlyFans page. In talking to him he promises:

“Nude posing, flexing and just showing off all of my hard work. I’ll have PPV videos and pics showing ALL of me. Very eager to keep my fans happy and lustful and coming back for more!”


Could This Be the One?

SamsonMuscle reminds me of the classic bodybuilders we miss and need. Someone like him would be perfect to kick off the resurgence of bodybuilders in porn. I am already fantasizing about all the scenes someone like him could film.