As we start a New Year, many people around the world take the time to analyze their life and reflect on self-improvement. And every year, people create one resolution or many that end up being broken in the first month. I myself am barely creating my list in mid-January. That just shows you how quickly time is going. And how I haven’t personally made any improvements since I partied too hard celebrating the New Year. While most people cover the basics like workout or lose weight, read or become more knowledgeable, save money, travel more, etc. I will be sharing with you my porntastic New Year Resolution list. 

Resolution #1: Masturbate More

Now, you know at Muscle Service we view a lot of titillating content. Believe it or not I can't always lean back and take matters into my own hands. If I did, there wouldn't be any articles. I have to eventually write an article on who I am interviewing or my favorite scenes from Blue Blake. As a result, I'm not cumming as much as I want to.

Additionally, as a cis male, the benefits of masturbation are quite healthy. So besides the obvious in releasing sexual tension, masturbation apparently helps with your sleep schedule, self-esteem, fights depression, and helps keep the prostrate and pelvic muscles healthy. Simply put, my new take on working out this year is to masturbate more. 

Resolution #2: Discover New Talent & Provide New Articles

Someone once told me reading three books on a certain topic makes you an expert. In comparison to 99% of the rest of the population, that is. If that was the case, then I am proud to say at Muscle Service University, I have achieved a doctorate in Muscle Worship and Admiration. I cannot wait to discover new talent open to being in front of the camera. From hot men on Instagram, content creators from Only Fans, amateur competitors in bodybuilding, I plan to bring you much more exclusive content and interviews directly to the pages of Muscle Service.

Resolution #3: Engage in Muscle Worship

Jumping off my second New Year's Resolution I plan to act out my fantasies a lot more. If life has taught us anything it is to take action now. Life is short and there is no time to waste. Clearly, one of my interests is Muscle Worship and it may surprise my readers to know I haven't engaged in much actual worship in my young life. Whether it was because I didn't have enough pennies in my pocket or men were too far away, bodybuilders of interest haven't been available to me. Sadly, there also are men like pornstars I've always lusted for who no longer provide private sessions and meetups. From a thread live at the Muscle Service Forums, I was reminded of a lot of men who helped me with my sexual awakening who I wish were still around to personally enjoy. My first step in successfully completing this resolution is to be in Las Vegas for Mr. Olympia 2022. If anyone else will be there, let me know. 

Resolution #4: Travel More…for Sex

I have always considered myself a well-rounded person, full of culture and unique experiences. And while I have traveled the world a bit, as a single young man, I will never suppress my wanderlust. Not only is it exciting to visit different locations and cultures, but it is also fun to meet the men from these towns. Additionally, I am so happy to have connected with many fans via social media. From friends in the UK to Europe, to Asia and Australia, I am glad to have met other muscle admirers and emerging talent around the world. I have a few trips lined up so who knows if I’ll be in your neck of the woods sometime soon. If so, happy to meet and talk about muscles, and if you have muscles yourself, even better. 

Resolution #5: Create Porn With Ace

Now before you get the wrong idea, I am not talking about myself. While being in front of the camera could be loads of fun (no pun intended), I have always considered myself a producer and visionary behind the scenes. With that, a fantasy of mine was always to create porn. Clearly, I am a fan of pornographic content, and respect it as a business and a healthy part of a functioning society. Jumping into porn journalism has only piqued my interest in creating more muscle-centric porn. From the late Jimmy Z and his live productions to the various MuscleHunk videos, and iconic Colt Studios films, there is space void of muscle-centric content and a need for bodybuilders in front of the camera. And I would like to fill that void for you. Let's just see, who knows what Ace Bannon and I can create in the next year. 

To wrap up, I do hope you have your own list of resolutions and do what you can to have some fun in 2022. I am starting 15 days too late but hope to bring some positive changes for myself and those around me. Happy New Year!