In LGBT+ news worldwide, superheroes have added another new gay icon to the roster. (But I’d like to say, we called it first haha.) Superheroes have always had an underlying sexual connotation. Some say that superheroes began as a metaphor for young adults discovering their sexuality. Including sexual expressions other than those considered strictly “normal”. We applaud this celebration of different sexuality in the mainstream world of superhero comics. 

Enter the classic sidekick himself, BOY WONDER!

In the recent issue of “Batman: Urban Legends,” Tim Drake's depiction of Robin includes the Boy Wonder asking another boy on a date. As a result, showing to the world he is bi!  Aww. 

As friend of Muscle Service Phausto put on his Twitter page this week, [his gay artwork featuring Robin] hits differently now.

I’ve said it before. Hyper-sexualzied superheroes are no mystery. Not only are they glorified humans, but they are usually the epitome of physical perfection. And now we are glad to see Robin serve that sexy bisexual representation we need.

As covered by Entertainment Weekly, “Tim's Robin now officially joins other canonized LGBTQ superheroes like Kate Kane (Batwoman), Bobby Drake (Iceman), Loki, Jean-Paul Beaubier (Northstar), Billy Kaplan (Wiccan), Hulkling, Midnighter, and Apollo. Earlier this year, Marvel introduced the first gay Captain America by way of character Aaron Fischer.”

Truthfully, we already knew the Boy Wonder was bi. No way was he ever straight. I mean, in my fantasies Robin provided Bruce Wayne plenty of service. This just confirms it.